Empowering Tomorrow for US Citizens

Reaching the Hearts of America

Posted by Orion Daly, DemocratCommentary about Steven Thomaa’s Article
Sour Americans hungry for change as election approaches
submitted to me by constituent/care2.com memberSummary
I found my comments to be extensive and realized that they should be a blog. The article is based on interviews and surveys from Iowans. Its notes their views about their quality of life, the state of our nation, economy, the indifference of government, lack of leadership vision, the absence of personal empowerment, and the uncertainty of our future as a nation. This is addressed in 11 categories of issues with solutions to be considered. they are:1- On Seeking Change
2- The Government and the Iraq War
3- Immigration, Impact on our Economy, Government Indifference
4- Self Serving Leadership
5- Caring About the People and Personal Empowerment
6- Uncertanty in our Well Being
7- A Matter of Trust in our leadership in having its own agendas
8- Looking for a Road Back from No Man’s Land
9- Illusion and Economic Security
10- Remembering Who we Are
11- Getting a Fair Deal in 2008
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  1. Commentary about Steven Thomaa’s Article
    Sour Americans hungry for change as election approaches
    submitted to me by constituent/care2.com member Summary
    I found my comments to be extensive and realized that they should be a blog. The article is based on interviews and surveys from Iowans. Its notes their views about their quality of life, the state of our nation, economy, the indifference of government, lack of leadership vision, the absence of personal empowerment, and the uncertainty of our future as a nation. This is addressed in 11 categories of issues with solutions to be considered. they are:

    1- On Seeking Change
    2- The Government and the Iraq War
    3- Immigration, Impact on our Economy, Government Indifference
    4- Self Serving Leadership
    5- Caring About the People and Personal Empowerment
    6- Uncertanty in our Well Being
    7- A Matter of Trust in our leadership in having its own agendas
    8- Looking for a Road Back from No Man’s Land
    9- Illusion and Economic Security
    10- Remembering Who we Are
    11- Getting a Fair Deal in 2008

    1- On Seeking Change

    (ST) Americans are desperate to change the country’s course.

    1.A (OKD) This is only normal when led into a No Man’s land for our great nation. I can only recommend the New Deal. It provides detailed strategy to pay back the over burdened foreign debt of $10 trillion dollars, without major cost to the taxpayer, bring momentum back into our economy, return industry to US soil, build strong labor unions, and have personal empowerment when it comes to having real health care, employment, and good educational systems.

    2- The Government and the Iraq War

    2. (ST) According to opinion polls and interviews with political experts and voters, the U.S. population is more liberal than at any time in a generation, hungering to end the Iraq war, turn inward and use the federal government to solve problems at home. Chad Kluver, a pharmaceutical sales rep from the Des Moines suburb of Ankeny, voted for Bush but now wants someone who’ll win the Iraq war “I’m more jaded than anything else,” he said. “We were misled. But it would be ridiculous to back out now. We need to finish what we started. If we back out now, it was all in vain. … I want a candidate who can get it done as soon as possible and get the troops home.” – The (A) survey also found that 51 percent of Iowa Republicans want to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq within six months.

    2.A ( OKD) Iraq war: Most Americans want our troops home. That is, even if we think that they are protecting our country by fighting in Iraq, we still want them home. Only 5% of the ‘insurgents’ are considered Al Qaeda. The other 95% are Iraqis that can be both Shiite and Sunni. So we could say, ‘let them fight it out themselves, and just bring our troops home !’.

    Considering that many Americans gave their lives, or at a minimum their future health, its not cutting and running to bring our troops home. We know that our losses are greater now than 4,000. We must also accept that there are more than 40,000 severely wounded Americans. Their families have also made significant sacrifices. They have lost loved ones and/or their lives are just on standby while waiting for news.

    Our troops deserve their pride and dignity as Americans. There is no real healing that can take place without one’s dignity in tact. We also deserve our strategic pride as Americans. This is where we have not in good conscience gone out and destroyed lives in other parts of the world. Otherwise, we have to ask ourselves ‘what makes us better than any other global tyrant’? 700,000 Iraqis have also lost their lives too !

    Regardless of the Bush administration being responsible for the Iraq tragedy, we as Americans are just as responsible. A president that takes office in 2008 cannot just say, “I didn’t do that, it’s not my fault”. It is also easy to give fuzzy promises as an Election 2008 candidate, but later say that “there were mitigating circumstances where the time is just not right yet”. Honesty is needed instead for leadership of our nation.

    What’s most important, is that as Americans, we have been raised with a conscience of what makes Americans very special. We want to pride ourselves as being the kindest nation. To be Americans, we are also accustomed to a most powerful and undauntable pride. This is for good reason. Americans no matter what race, creed, color, religion, or followings and beliefs, are over all, decent, fair and moral minded people. That’s why I have proposed the plan Peace with Dignity for our Iraq Exit Strategy. But before we can actually execxute an Exit Strategy, we must also do the Math behind how it actually affects our National Security. In other words, without accounting for strengthening the US Dollar at the same time, could our economy, upon exiting Iraq, actually implode ?

    2.B (OKD) On Federal Government: The health, safety and welfare of the people represents the state of the soundness of this nation. It is in the combination of these uniquely distinguishable, inseparable factors, that provide the purpose of the Government and nothing further, nor less. It is in the standards of measure for this soundness, that the state of its people, and thus the Union is served.

    3- On Immigration and its Impact on our Economy, and Government Indifference

    (ST) Still, polling indicates, some want to turn farther right, demanding that the country fence off its Southern border, expel illegal immigrants and rein in a federal government grown fat under a Republican government they now dismiss as incompetent. Bill Hileman, a furniture salesman from Honey Creek, a small town near the Nebraska border, is a Republican who wouldn’t want a third term for Bush. “I’d look for another Republican,” Hileman said. His main complaint? He thinks Bush let illegal immigration run amok. “There are too many illegals, even here. It’s hurting our economy and draining our resources.”
    3.A (OKD) Expel Illegal Immigrants ? – There is much smoke and mirrors about immigration, and it also serves as a new form of socially acceptable racism. In other words, we are allowed to blame someone else for our economic predicament as opposed to addressing what are the real issues in our economy.

    What is not accounted for is that we have a flood of visa based workers from Asia, such as India who underbid acceptable labor wages such as in IT, and then ship out of the country about $800 billion per year. That is my estimate, but confirm it for yourself, as now it might be over a $trillion. Lets call these hardworking people, guest workers. This $800 billion they earn does not circulate in our communities. To put this in focus, our national Credit Card debt is about $900 billion currently. We could use more jobs for U.S Citizens than for visitors as part of this Credit Card debt is by the unemployed U.S. Citizen.

    What is further not accounted for are about 12 million unregistered immigrants, who we do call illegal, but that the IRS knows of for being legal tax payers. They pay about $50 Billion a year in income tax. Over all, they bring about $200 Billion into our economy that does circulate into the hands of U.S. Citizens. Immigrants are people. Most Americans have a heritage of immigrants who came to build their lives as Americans.

    The term ‘Illegal is a matter of social engineering. It is divisive considering that the 1986 Immigration Reform Act is out of date, and it is the guidelines for much of the laws today on immigration. When considering what is really illegal, let us consider the speed we drive our cars. It is typically about 10 miles per hour over what ever speed limit is set by law. Most feel that our speed limit signs are out of date. Further, we as the majority of American drivers are indifferent to law if we can get around it; that is regardless if out of date or not. The consequences are more fatal accidents, and far more fuel consumption. Yet we speak of independence from foreign oil. The point: we must be honest enough to understand and accept our own contradictons before being able to understand the smoke and mirrors that are handed to us about immigration.

    Example: when we talk about immigrant farm workers, consider that if we had Unions for Fruit Pickers. The minimum wage would then be set to the context, in this case, for Fruit Pickers. It would be far more challenging to hire labor from south of the border. For those who are working, they would need to become US citizens in order to join a Union which preserves labor wage for all. So its not a matter of fining employers but strengthening unions which in turn can provide a workable ‘Service Level Agreement’ with employers that is fair for both sides.

    3.B (OKD) – To Fence our Nation In is like throwing the American public a bone. It also is like putting us under siege. I say, thanks but no thanks ! Protecting our borders as well as our ports is a matter that should be assigned to our National Guard. This is their job. Their job should not be leaving their loved ones to be sent to occupy Iraq.

    What is far more of a critical is that devisive issues like immigration are to distract the American public from the state of our nation and from actions like the ( NAU) ‘North American Union Move’ . The NAU stewarded by the current Bush administration is entirely unconsitutional. It is the job of the U.S. Congress to make Treatise, and not part of the job description of the President.

    3.C (OKD) The incompetence is more along the lines of being criminally indiffernt. Today, the Government is served by the people, and the Government does not serve the people. The sole purpose of government as stated in the U.S. Constitution is for the Defense of our Nation and for the Welfare of the people.

    Today, Democracy serves capitalism where capitalism should be serving Democracy. The plight of New Orleans is an example of this indifference towards the people of America. Consider that we can easily afford recovering New Orleans, and have disaster resilence funds for our nation through a program of non taxable social welfare bonds that would pay each of us more than we get in a savings account.

    George Washington said ‘Let us raise a standard that the honest and wise can repair’ –

    This is not the Government we have today. This can only be achieved through standards of measure that assure the strategic future of our nation.

    For a government that is supposed to serve the people, like any service, it is easier to provide diminishing returns when led by incompetent management . This is then compounded by the growing complexity of our social structure that is then left to capitalism at its worst to take advantage of.

    4- Self Serving Leadership

    (ST ) The surveys point to one thing almost all Americans tend to agree on: They’re deeply unhappy with the way things are going in the United States and eager to move on. There’s virtually no appetite to extend the Bush era, as there was at the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency in 1988 or Bill Clinton’s in 2000. Just 1 in 5 Americans think the country is going in the right direction, the worst outlook since the Reagan-Bush era ended in 1992. Less than one-third of Americans like the way the current President Bush is handling his job, among the lowest ratings in half a century. The people had similarly dismal opinions just before they ended the Jimmy Carter era in 1980, the Kennedy-Johnson years in 1968 and the Roosevelt-Truman era in 1952. “Things are a mess,” said George Wagner, an auto mechanic from Homestead, west of Iowa City. “Manufacturing jobs are disappearing. Big business is running Washington. The little guy gets left behind.”

    4.A ( OKD) Although Reagan demonstrated good strides in foreign policy, he lacked vision for domestic policy. This was by letting capitalism at its worst run our lives. Since Reagan, we now have a population of disenfranchised citizens called the homeless, and a government that is inept in serving such fundamental needs as health care.

    Consistent in form , today, the Government does very little for us, and we are given immigration as a focal point to vent our frustrations. Hence, we are told that the American Dream is only a dream. We are then given ‘The Lotto’ to help reinforce a dream.

    The more we are told to lower our expectations and standards, the more we ultimately devalue our own sense of self esteem. In other words, why are we told in media that we must have such a low value of life ? It is simply easier then to offer only diminishing returns by our leadership and those who they serve.

    Once upon a time when buying gas for your car, your hub caps and windshield would get cleaned; and the oil and radator checked .

    Like today’s gas station attendants, election 08 candidates don’t even have to demonstrate a plan, but press the message instead that ‘you are lucky with what you get as leadership’.

    We ourselves have made it to easy for most Pr’d candidates to show up suddenly with platforms that do not offer much:

    It is easy to be the conventional candidate, but with your little twist, where the word Hope is used, but where there are no underpinnings offered to make it more than a word.It is easy to show up years after walking away from the American people on Nov 5th, 2004, just to say I am suddenly back, and am here for you now ( for the moment ) .

    It is easy to say that one is closer to God than others, where there is no religious contest permitted in the US Constitution for becoming president.

    It is easy for one to say, that one was in the Whitehouse once upon a time, so get me back there again, as this demonstrates some form of experience. Laura Bush could also say the same !

    It is easy to say, that in being a celebrity, that its all about acting, where hopefully the right script is available for the moment to entertain you.

    It is easy to say look at my white teeth, and my pressed shirt. There is not a hair out of place, and I am against gay marriage, I support the war effort, but want to get off foreign oil ?

    So much for ‘hopes and dreams’ as it is not necessary to go beyond cute town hall campaign stories, or even imply a promise!

    For a campign platform, it is even easier to be some pseudo anti-establishment candidate, claim that everything is unfair, and then create a following by providing easy answers; but where responsible solutions are not mentioned.

    But for the sake of our nation, we have to look at collateral influences in our social structure and to whose and what purposes are served. Hence, leadership must commit to ‘Transparent and Accountable Government’ as a mandate for us in order to have any viable future as a nation.

    The only means of social welfare is not to complain about ‘Big Government’ but instead to have Cost Effective Government Reform where focus and scope is to serve the people of our nation. This will require in its evolution, Corporate reform. We are taught by this superstructure over time to be self serving for our very survival. For me this is so much the case as it explains why street crime ultimately is the prodigy of white collar crime.

    It will take time, as we have been led into No Man’s land by self serving leadership which has been indifferent to the needs of our nation.

    5- Caring About the People and Personal Empowerment

    (ST) The ranks of people who want the government to help the poor have risen sharply since the early 1990s — dramatically among independents, but even among Republicans.

    5.A (OKD) People are more empowered to stand on their own two feet when there is an environment conducive for them to do so. The Health, Safety, and Welfare of this nation, as expressed in our people, is the foundation for this. Health, Safety, and Welfare all have many unique facets. These facets are regarded here for their importance at a personal level for each of us, at the community level where we live with others, and in terms of Federal Government in its responsibility to all of us as a Nation.

    6- Uncertanty in our Well Being

    (ST)People are very unhappy, very unsettled,” said Megan Phillips, a teacher from Centerville, a town of about 6,000 in southern Iowa. Phillips once considered herself a proud Republican. Small-town. Anti-abortion. Pro-gun. But she soured on Bush’s landmark education overhaul, the No Child Left Behind Act. And she turned against the war — and Bush — with a passion that underscores how deeply the national unity that rose up after 9-11 has given way to cynicism.

    6.A ( OKD ) It is very American to want to protect the innocent, and defend what one believes is right. This is regardless if one is against or pro abortion, or wishing to have or not have guns . It is a matter of the sense of our well being, and what we believe that can threaten it. This is resolved by true leadership that can unite as opposed to divide us in our diversity.

    6.B (OKD) Education – The more we are kept ignorant, the more we can be exploited. FDR noted in his ‘The Economic Bill of Rights’ for ‘The right to a good education’. The Education Reform Act is to address this objective.

    I got an impromtu call from some high school students once from the South Side of Chicago. It was a great honor to speak with this child and her classmates. Their bottom line question was – ‘What are you going to do for me ?’

    This question is the basis for the mission statement I see as the president when it’s about our nation; and it came from the hearts of our children. Our children are the nation’s future. If ignored so is the future of our nation.

    Every child in this nation should have a grasp that sees even them self as the President of the United States. In this manner what ever they reach for they will surely be able to grasp.

    Given the enviroment where learning skills can be developed early on, our children can have many visions of what they wish to become and do with their lives as leaders of, and contributors to our nation.

    But, Education is also to be available to the public at large. The need for Education ranges from the very young to the aged. As no expert about education, my focus is on how to afford it and that it is afforded. Funding priorities are proposed in the order of state assistance programs and larger grants and loans. Focus is to be on the following for US citizens:

    * No Child Left Behind
    * Vocational Grant Assistance Programs
    * Education for veterans
    * Higher Education
    * Ongoing Education Programs
    * Optional Education Programs such as for professional certification

    6.C (OKD) – 9/11 has led to many unanswered questions. The American public has been treated like a child given a fairy tail about the most horrific event in our nation’s history. The due process of discovery is called for beyond the original 9/11 Commission’s scope, and where it leads it leads.

    Our nation also can not step forward while basing its footage on any false premise. This is also a dignity that is owed to the American People. For a firm foundation, our government must be transparent and accountable to the people.

    7- A matter of trust in our leadership in having its own agendas

    (ST) “People don’t trust anything coming out of Washington,” she said. “When Bush says we’re winning the war in Iraq, I say, ‘Oh really?’ The weapons of mass destruction weren’t there. Why are we still there? We want our people to come home. There are so many things at home that need to be taken care of.” Her husband, Matt, works two jobs, one in a power plant in town, the other raising cattle on their farm. He’s also a Republican, but is starting to question the war and wonder whether the country should turn its focus homeward. ” Maybe we shouldn’t be there. Maybe we should get out,” he said. “I would never vote for a Democrat, and certainly not for Hillary Clinton. … But — and I hate to say it — but maybe a Democrat is more apt to get things done at home.” As the cost of the war continues to rise, that’s one big common refrain: Stop spending money in Iraq, and spend it at home. It’s feeding a resurgence of support for liberal notions of using the federal government in ways that had been in decline for more than a decade.

    7.1 ( OKD) – What we must admit is that the current administration’s policies toward Iraq are more geared towards the view of ‘imminent domain through manifest destiny’. In 1974 we were going to invade Saudi Arabia for the purposes of securing Aramco for our needs to fuel our military during the oil crisis. Iraq for the near sighted can serve as an alternative for this. This further poses questions –

    “Where is the Iraq Oil going, and who is pumping and exporting/importing it ?” I told my first lady that this deserves a petition to seek Congressional Oversight. Consider, Iraq is not part of OPEC. There is a venue of questions that can even be drilled on its collateral relationship and affect to OPEC, and its pricing. Additionally, another dimension is what benefit is it for the Iraqi people ? Then the third dimension for this is to add up the pints of blood from 4,000 Americans and about 700,000 Iraqis to see what is its ratio to Oil Barrels. Do you care to do the math ?

    This due process of discovery, I will seek congress to pursue if given the responsibility of the presidency. In setting transparency and accountability in our government establishes this as a respectable precedent in foreign policy and should then be expected of the UN members as well.

    8- Looking for a Road Back from No Man’s Land

    (ST) “We need to fix things,” said Mary Howell, an independent from the Des Moines suburb of Urbandale. “We need to fix health care. We can spend billions in Iraq. But we have people at home who need help.”

    8.A ( OKD) To fix things, I can only recommend that Mary Howell look at the New Deal. where the Real Health Care plan is only one example. The health of our nation is reflected in our people. Health Care therefore by default is deserved by all Americans. We do not deserve smoke and mirrors. As an example, lets consider the Edwards health Care Plan and his mandatory Preventative Care thinking; the question on choices as handed out by Obama and the Republicans, and then a real health care plan.

    About the Edwards Health Care Plan: I dismiss this as insincere. His plan, if one really exists is based on raising taxes. Without correcting our national debt issue, Mary Howell and every other American is due to inherit an additional $50,000 in tax burden by 2014, or 6.5 years from now. This is described later below, but Congress, I would doubt would vote to raise taxes for this as well as the Health Care Insurance Industry owns part of Capitol Hill. In proposing this approach one gets to have an excuse that one tried, but that is was Congress’s fault that ones health care plan is not enacted.

    Consider instead to first produce an Economic Reform plan, and then base a health care plan on this. This, is my my approach which far more affective in producing what we need to provide quality health care at no taxpayer cost to 300+ million Americans.

    About Mandatory Preventative Health Care: This is far more of an issue than the question about choices. This is the outright disregard of the US. Constitution; or due to being totally oblivious to it. Edwards as a lawyer ought to read the Bill of Rights. Likewise this attitude borders on other forms of government. We have issues with Martial Law as it is, so really what is this ? I believe that this can only amount to nothing but smoke and mirrors which would be stated for affect only, or again was simply not thought out: In both cases though can you say that this is in your best interest ? We could correspond on ‘what if ‘ questions continually about this if taken sincerely. And this is beyond the question of choices. Example, how does such a preventative heatlh care policy even account for the fast food industry’s impact on the American diet ?

    Mitt Romney and some others believe that you do not have enough choices: Ideally if the industry was not profit based, then I could consider that it could answer your needs genuinely. But under current industrypolicy, every time a payout is made it is against profits. For thoses who fashion themselves as like Reagan, his domestic policy had lacked wisdom. Free Enterprise cannot be self regulated, as this is capitalism at its worst. It is not there to serve you, it is there to serve itself. As much as Cell Phone Contracts are like shark invested waters, adding more into the waters in terms of Health Care is simply adding more sharks.

    Real Health Care
    How about instead, a Healthcare Plan that can provide quality coverage to 300+ million Americans and not at tax payer costs . But instead provide a tax exempt investment that can provide more of a return than a personal savings account ? How about removing the insurance industry out of the equation, and instead of their profit center being based on denying claims, have it based on the number of claims they process on behalf of the government for the people.

    I do sincerely recommend that you consider the Peoples Health Care Plan. It first accounts for a Reformed Economy and Government that is to serve you, and not you serving it. It does have preventative care, by accounts for your constitutional rights, and removes the insurance industry as a campaign financier of Congress.

    It accounts for the fact that some of us are far beyond the point of preventative care, and need real help with our health care.

    Further, as a tax payer it costs you actually nothing, and can put you financially ahead. Do you consider this reasonable ? Its worth learning more about !

    You might want to even try the New Deal. I think it is worth voting for –

    8.B (OKD) Spending billions in Iraq is money that is not ours to spend. It is borrowed from foreign lenders that could call in their loans at will. This is serious in how it can comprimise our nation and in addtion each citizen personally.

    It might be of help to understand this first by knowing what you are expected to owe in repaying these loans.

    You are expected to owe an additional $50,000 to the IRS in 2014 as best case. But this is while on our current economic downslide. Consider that this estimate is based on current exchange rates which are due to get worse.

    The US Dollar is still sliding in value. So by year 2014, you could actually owe $75,000 directly. But now also consider that not everyone is employed, so you will also be expected to carry the tax burden of the unemployed. And then, of course their are corporate write offs which you already pay for.

    So perhaps this original $50,000 will turn out to be instead $100,000. But consider also that current IRS policies do not take kindly to outstanding taxes. So given penalties, and interest, and late fees, well , go figure what you will be expected to owe just for breathing in our country.

    Let there be no illision of economic security, but instead we have a wake up call before us. This wakeup call is for strengthing our economy so we do not become an improvished nation within a matter of just a few years.

    9- Illusion and Economic Security

    (ST) Even with a healthy economy — a new census report this week showed the poverty rate declining for the first time this decade — a lot of people feel squeezed by gas prices , health-care costs and college tuition .

    9.A (OKD) We do not have a healthy Economy – In Economic reform, as noted, Capitalism must serve Democracy, as the Government must serve the people. Today the people serve the Government which could have you question as what is its actual purpose. It is obvious for the purpose behind Democracy serving Capitalism.

    For the sake of Creditor convenience, today, you are also expected to use EZpass on Hi ways, as well as ‘Easy Swipes’ for any purchases you make. Keep in mind this is also while there is an existing $900 Billion in credit card debt.

    You are encouraged to believe that you are inconviencing others if you don’t. It is also a false sense of empowerment to tell you that others are inconveincing you if they don’t use credit and debut devices. If you find out that you are suddenly broke at the end of the month, as you are not counting the actual dollars that you are spending, and even on hidden charges and fees, thanks to everyone helping themselves to your bank account, thats you problem.

    This further augments the identity theft issue that you become even more subject to while loosing grounds for trust. This is not convenience for you and others, but a cross that you will be nailed to in suiting preditory consumerism.

    9.B (OKD) Although there is an alternative energy plan described in the New Deal with the need to reduce the dependency on foreign oil, and the need to reduce carbon emissions through an underground plumbing / distiller recycling plan, still the oil industry will be here.

    By having more members in OPEC, and less need for oil, I wish to impact the price such that the market is willing to drop its pants for a deal. I resent paying $30 for 10 gallons of gas which should be returned back to a magnitude less in price.

    Hence, I want also peace with Iran . They can also counter balance the Saudi Factor. As oil becomes plentiful in the world markets, parity can occur between Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Iraq, Iran, and Venezula et al. This is where they can be well off, but not the richest nations in the world. We can all share wealth instead as cooperative nations.

    10 – Remembering Who We Are

    10- (ST) Wagner, a libertarian, also wants the country to look homeward “We’re not the policeman of the world. We should make friends with the people overseas we can do business with, secure the borders and take care of the people at home. Take care of the infrastructure. Older folks, medical stuff. If we stop spending so much overseas, we could give that money to churches to take care of people.”

    10.A (OKD) The New Deal represents plans and commitment in leadership of our nation. It is a set of blue prints for our strategic future with the message to leave no American behind. Its focus is on the reform of the government with respect to the information age, the economy in order to bring it into the 21st century, and provide personal empowerment in a secure nation that has workable foreign policy. The nation is moved by the people’s voice. As being a blue print, in voting for the New Deal in November 2008, it’s do-able, and that’s the bottom line. We can make the difference.

    11- Getting a Fair Deal in 2008

    (STD) Of course, there are those who feel good about the economy, who don’t want to return to spending federal tax dollars to help the needy, who support the war. “Things are in pretty good shape,” said Jim Granzow, a farmer and a Republican from Hubbard, Iowa.

    11.A -( OKD )_For some, it can be the quiet before a storm . Our social welfare entitlements have been regarded arrogantly by the Bush administration that also put our Bill of Rights on hold until further notice. Personal empowerment for employment, good health care and sustainable education systems have dried with the absence of commerce in our communities and we are supposed to become divided over immigration.

    Our government, which does very little for us, is about 65% dysfunctional at tax payer costs. The economy has an over leveraged stock market with a debt burdened US dollar. Our foreign policy no longer has capital, and we are advised that the “war on terror” is without end.

    The Republican and Democrat Election 2008 presidential candidates have offered gestures of what they see as wrong. But they have not spoken to the needs of the American people and the strategic future of our health, safety and welfare as a nation.

    They have only offered lip service instead of concrete plans for our best interest. Some try to make issue about religion, and question if English is the official language, and that there should be more choices in health care like cell phone contracts. Others speak about taking back America, hopes, dreams and clarity, and then others say that they are listening.

    For Presidential Election 2008, it is critical that the voter learns what choices are really available. We can go with the flow, but when our future is at risk, thats like being in a barrel going over a water fall.

    Orion Karl Daley
    Presidential Candidate for 2008
    Author – The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
    for the Strategic Future of our nation
    Balanced Party http://unity2008.org
    New York, NY, USA –

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