Whitehouse: Whitehouse in the White House!

I, Sandy Whitehouse, hereby nominate myself for President of the United States. Actually my husband is better qualified for the job for he is both brave and wise, but he is the Fire Chief here in Corona de Tucson and that keeps him very busy. I am retired and, therefore, have some extra time on my hands.
I think my surname is my best qualification. Using the same method the current administration does for budget calculations, I estimate that by consolidating the President’s name with the President’s address for the next 8 years we can save enough money on letterheads, invitations and greeting cards to fully fund quality education for all the children in our country; provide excellent health care for our citizens young and old; devise a guest worker program that will ensure both secure borders and an adequate workforce for our farms and factories; put our scientists to work with fully funded grants and loans to devise methods to stop global warming and give our fire fighters the resources they need to save our forests from wildfire, instead of using the taxpayers money to build logging roads.
Every politician has their own sacred cow and mine is firefighter health and safety and a working healthy forest initiative.The only other minor budget adjustment necessary will be to discontinue the current spending spree for atomic weapons, hydrogen weapons, depleted uranium weaponry, germ warfare, chemical warfare, star wars, war profiteers, big sticks, etc., etc., etc.

As a long-time resident of Southern Arizona I feel I have some perspective on the issues of the day. I am the President of the Community Association in Corona de Tucson. My husband and I, my children, my grand kids and my 2 tiny great-grandsons live here. I am concerned for their future as at my age, I haven’t got much of that left.
My simple 2 plank platform follows:
I am against any mining in the Santa Rita or Empire mountains. The mines are using over 40 percent of our potable water already and the mining industry is into the AZ taxpayer for over a billion dollars in toxic waste cleanup to date.
I am for restoring federal funding to the US Forest Service to clean up our wild lands and prevent these catastrophic wild fires that are adding to global warming. Currently a majority of the funds are used to build logging roads (97%).
The other issues can be left to the other 22 candidates to debate, though, if asked, I have opinions aplenty.

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  1. Wow, this sews up the Hispanic vote for you.

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