William Campbell: “Failure to take drastic measures quickly will have catastrophic results”

My purpose for a running as the Democratic candidate for president is to enlighten the public regarding the gravity of our environmental situation. Whether I am selected as the Tucson Weekly endorsed candidate or the national Democratic party candidate matters little as long as I get the message out to the public that if current resource consumption trends continue unchecked, by the year 2050 humans will be using two times more resources than the Earth is able to regenerate or process. World Wildlife Fund scientists predict that if the resource consumption current trend remains unchanged by 2050 there be a catastrophic environmental event. Since mankind has not attained that milestone before, what the catastrophic environmental event will be exactly, remains to be seen … or not, it all depends on you.

All of the other political issues pale by comparison to an Earth that can no longer sustain a human population. Anybody with children and grandchildren should seriously consider these predictions. 2050 is not that far away.

What do we need to do in order to adjust the current trend of resource consumption? Develop alternate fuels for vehicles (i.e., hydrogen, electric, etc.), minimize industrial globalization (produce goods closer to the markets), eliminate coal and petroleum fired power plants (build more nuclear plants) promote wind and solar power generation, eliminate old seagoing vessels and replace them with energy efficient vessels (wind powered vessels), and drastically reduce carbon emissions.

Failure to take drastic measures quickly will have catastrophic results.


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