Orion Karl Daley: Arkansas Students choose the Balanced Party


I got an email today from a teacher in Arkansas. Carolyn wrote back saying that by this Saturday we will be sending what is requested. Please let me share this email with you.

From a school teacher in Arkansas:

“Greetings, I was writing to find out if you had any political signs I could put up in my classroom. I am a Government/Civics teacher in Rogers, Arkansas and most of my 11th/12th grade students will be voting for the first time in 08. I assign a political project where they research the different parties and then write a page in support of one party of their choice. I was surprised in the number of students who chose the Balanced Party!”

We actually got another like this from the Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis, MN, which we still have to get back to also today.

Then a few days before Christmas, a school from the south side of Chicago called asking ‘What can you do for me’?

What makes these kids want to do this ? I believe it is the vision they see for themselves as becoming a vital part of our nation. The Balanced Party, although a vision from Dec 2004, can become a very compelling alternative to what is readily offered. I look forward to future leaders in our nation and representatives of our communities as being part of the Balanced Party. It has the principles that you can live with.

Candidates say – send us money. This you have never heard, nor will hear from me as a direct solicitation. This is because people need their money for themselves and their families.

A 30 second TV ad also really cannot reach the hearts and minds of America the way a vision can. The TV Ad can cost a lot of people’s money, where the vision is something that monetarily can cost nothing but can reach the hearts and minds of our nation.

If a candidate assumes your money, then what can you expect from them in office. Will they reform the tax system, or make government cost effective in serving you, or will they be willing to waste vital resources that you need . If this is the case, what are they willing to do for our communities, our schools, and first responders. Most importantly , what then are they willing to do for assuring the health , safety and welfare of our people as a nation ?

JFK noted in a speech one time, something along the lines that ‘although a nation might survive, if its principles do not, then really has the nation’ ?

If you share that vision of principles for the common good of our nation as I do, please see an idea.


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