Chuck See: Who is Chuck See and Why Should I Care?

Today we stand at the most critical crossroads of all history. The decisions made by this generation will determine the fate of the world. Never before have the stakes been so high. Never before have so many feet stood on our planet. Never before has there been such a need for resources. Never before has information disseminated so quickly. Never before have people traveled so vastly. Never before has our government been so powerful. Never before have so many Americans died meaninglessly. It is all in our hands. We have the power to fix our world. Right now we can put everyone to work doing meaningful tasks at a reasonable wage. We can grow enough food to feed everyone. We have the capitol to build efficient machines and factories and adopt renewable resources. We can repair our laws. We can elevate our educational system. We can build a better world. But the time is short, the window is narrow. If this generation does not act, tomorrow will always be worst than today.We need to replace fear with determination; the determination to create a better world for us and our children. We need to replace racism with trust. We need to replace hate with respect.This country, indeed this world, needs leadership which genuinely cares about what happens to its people. It needs a leader which has a vision of a better world, and a plan to make it happen. It does not need a leader who is beholding to special interests. It needs someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for their people.

So who am I? Why should you care about my thoughts? My name is Chuck See. I’m an Engineer working for the University of Arizona. My thoughts are not particularly important unless they reflect your thoughts. I am entering the campaign in an attempt to broaden the dialogue surrounding the issues. I believe that many important issues remain unspoken. The dominate parties have too much control over the political system, and we, the people, need to take our country back from them. I believe that it starts by people with independent ideas throwing their hat into the ring, but we will never have much success without election reform, so that is one of the critical issues on my plate.

I do have some other unique ideas, such as creating a government organization, independent of the other branches, which would be responsible for keeping the public informed about what the government is doing. I believe in a greater opening up of the government’s workings to the people. After all, we pay their salaries, they work for us, and their activities directly affect our daily lives. We have the right and the need to know what they are doing. The government needs to be more responsive to its citizenry. We need to pass laws that protect the privacy of Americans. I believe that we need an agency within the Judicial Branch who is responsible to be an advocate for law-abiding citizens who find themselves at odds with the government.

I also have some ideas on how the government could save money by cutting out redundant programs. Do we really need 16 Intelligence agencies? I have ideas on how to re-structure our school system to make it more productive, and create youth programs to strengthen the next generation of leaders.

Available space keeps me from fully elaborating on all the issues here, but I will do so elsewhere. Primarily I want to begin a discussion of how we can fix our country and our world using your ideas. Voting for me will not change the world. But please help me to create and disseminate ideas by discussing these things with your family and friends and by voting for good candidates, not just the party favorites. If there are no good candidates in your district, then run for office, or inspire and support others. When possible vote for the independent. Try to get ballot restrictions lifted in your state. I hope that you will join me in taking back our government.


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  1. Good for you Chuck! Wonderful to see you getting your ideas across! Good luck!

    Ginny & Skip McDonald

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