Chuck See: The Road Back to Freedom…

The Path To Freedom

Do you ever get tired of voting against people? You know, you go to the polls not because you’re excited about a candidate, but because you really don’t want that other guy (or gal) to get elected. You probably know people who would be a better President than any of the folks running. Why aren’t they on the ballot?

We are all told that ‘anyone can be president’. But is that really true anymore? Or do the political parties, big business, and those currently in power have so much influence on the process that they choose the field we can elect from?

I believe that we need governmental reform. Because once the people lose the ability to select, they lose representation in their government. Not only are they removing good people from consideration, they decide what issues are pressing, and which will be ignored.

I hope that my candidacy will be an open forum for discussion of issues that are of interest and importance to the electorate (that means you!). I hope that you will visit my website and consider my thoughts, contribute your own, and discuss them with your friends and neighbors so that we might create a growing conversation about what is important to America and the World.

I hope that you will join me on the path back to freedom.


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