More on Frank McEnulty’s Campaign

Since sending out the first email concerning my Campaign for President of the United States I have been asked a lot of questions and would like to answer those questions at this time. As always, please forward this on to everyone you know.


1. Are you serious?

Very serious. A lot of time and effort has gone into getting this campaign started and I intend to see it through to the end – whatever that might be.


2. Can you really do this?

YES – One of the reasons why this is such a great country is that anyone who meets some very basic qualifications can file to run for President. My candidacy is registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), my campaign committee – Frank McEnulty for President National Committee – is registered with the FEC and our committee is also registered with the IRS as a 527 political organization.


3. Why are you doing this?

Over the last several years I have become increasingly disturbed by what I see as the damage being done to the country by the partisanship of the two major political parties. Both of these parties appear to be capable of and willing to do anything to stay in or get power regardless of how damaging in may be to the country in the long run. I believe it is my duty as an American to stand up and make a fuss about how I believe the two major political parties are trying to destroy the country for their own gains.


It is also my firm belief that there are millions of people that feel pretty much the same way I do, but don’t know what to do about it. Together, however, the millions of us can accomplish something a make a change in how things are being done. A change for the better.


4. How can you hope to accomplish anything?

By myself, I can’t accomplish much. Let’s face it, unless I can get a lot of people to support me and start to gather some momentum, the mainstream press and pretty much everyone else will just ignore me as if I never existed. However, with your help and the help of your friends and their friends we can make a difference. As I stated above, I believe there are millions of people out there that think that the current political situation is bad for the country and that a change needs to be made. When enough of us get together to make our voices heard – changes will be made.


5. Come on, you really don’t believe that you can make a difference do you?

Yes, I do and let me give you an example of why I believe that to be true. A few years ago here in California, the people of the state got upset enough to actually recall the Governor. Most politicos didn’t believe it would happen. How could anyone expect to recall a Democratic Governor in the State of California. Well, we proved them wrong because enough people got together and made a difference. Exactly what I am trying to do here.


6. What can I do now?

My campaign needs three things to continue to move forward.

First, I need everyone to send this and my previous email to everyone they know. Not just a select few, but everyone. I’ve been extremely surprised by the people who have told me they agree with what I am saying and with what I am attempting to do and you will be to.

Second, I need everyone who gets this email not directly from me to send an email to so I can gather your email addresses. I promise I will never send more than two emails a week and usually it will be only one. Also, I promise that I will only use my campaign email list for keeping you informed of my campaign activities.

Third, the campaign does need funds to grow, operate and spread the word. $100, $50, $20 is all greatly appreciated and will go directly to getting the word out and helping the campaign continue forward. For those that have already contributed I thank-you greatly and appreciate your belief in my campaign and what we are trying to accomplish.

My campaign slogan says it all: “Anything is Possible in America.” I believe that and I believe that together we can make a difference and get this country back on the path that has made and kept it the great place it is.

Frank McEnulty

Presidential Candidate


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