Charles Skelley: Illegal immigrants in the US should not be allowed to earn income as employees

Almost no other country will allow foreigners to work and earn money as an employee in that country. The other countries of the world are not all wrong about this issue.

The most direct way to deal with the current US situation is to temporarily make it illegal for any US employer to pay any salary or commissions to illegal immigrants. After the 12 million to 20 million illegals (who, by definition, are currently in the US illegally) have returned to the countries where previously they were legal citizens, then the US can review casually the merits of “legal immigration”.

Progressive countries like Costa Rica require foreigners to post a monetary bond BEFORE seeking permanent resident status.

“Rentista (Small Investor)
For those who have not yet reached retirement age but have managed to make investments that bring in regular income, the rentista option is an attractive one. You’ll need to prove a monthly income of US$1,000 (usually a CD or annuity), guaranteed by a banking institution. Another option is to deposit US$60,000 (US$1,000 a month for five years) in a Costa Rican bank, which will authorize you to withdraw US$1,000 of your money each month. If, after two years of rentista status, you apply for and receive permanent residency, you can withdraw all the money out of the account.
Other details of the rentista visa are similar to those of a pensionado: You can own a business but not work as an employee; you need to be in the country for at least four noncontiguous months each year, and dependents, whether spouse or child, enjoy the same immigration status as is awarded to the applicant.”

As President, I will handle illegal immigration by giving US employers a 30-day grace period to determine whether their current employees are illegal immigrants; and then banning the employment of illegal immigrants. All US employers will be required to report the identities of any illegal immigrants among the current employees. Initially, no US employer would be penalized for discovering and reporting that he has previously employed some illegal immigrants. But after the end of the 30-day-grace period, employers would be fined $5000 for each illegal immigrant they employ at any time within the next twelve months. There are two goals here. One goal is to have voluntary compliance by most employers; and the other goal is to get 75% of the 12 million illegals to voluntarily leave the US during the first 12-month hiring ban. During months 13-24 after the 30-day grace period, a fine of $5000 would be charged to each illegal who still remains in the US. And US employers would be fined $10,000 for each illegal immigrant they employ at any time. The goal is to have 90% of the illegals leave the US by the 24th month of this activity.


2 Responses

  1. “Almost no other country will allow foreigners to work and earn money as an employee in that country.”

    Say what?

    Are you on drugs?

  2. Kynn,

    Thank you for your reply. No, I am not on drugs.

    Does any country exist with low restrictions on US ex-patriots who apply for either employment or residency? (Excluding the grand fathering provisions, like the situation where Australia allows residents of Great Britain to come to Australia freely.)

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