Sean “CF” Murphy: “Hey, Doctress Neutopia–I didn’t lose an eye so some New Age witchy woman could run around cutting chunks out of Old Glory!”

Republican Sean “CF” Murphy is outraged by what Doctress Neutopia did to the Stars and Stripes at the U.S.-Mexico border.


2 Responses

  1. There’s Standing Still, there’s Standing Tall, there’s Standing Pat, there’s Standing Water and there’s Sean “Certain Fortitude” Murphy Standing Firm For All of Us. If, like me, you are sick to death of mamby-pamby Republicans who pander to the softer element of the party, who cravenly cave in to eco-bunnies and other liberal elements of the Grand Old Party, then like me, you are pleased as a sorority girl having her first glass of fraternity punch to see CF tell it like it is. There’s hope yet that the country’s backbone can stiffen against the devious elements that threaten to turn Old Glory into a pocket hanky or tea cozy.

  2. Typical numbscull gibberish aimed at those with room temperature IQ’s. . But I love the Doctress’s beautifully tempered educational reply.

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