Sean “CF” Murphy: “A Responsible Response to Doctress Neutopia’s Response to my Response”


Whoa, Doctress! Whatever happened to “one poetry,” “one people,” and “one love”? It didn’t take long for all of that to go out the window once you came up against a little patriotic resistance, eh? I’m beginning to suspect that your “One World” doesn’t have room for the big tent I’m pitching.

Thinking I might have missed something, I re-watched your video and upon closer inspection it appears that the only tangible thing your protest accomplished was to scare off a couple of illegals getting ready to cross over. Nice job!

Now Chavez–there was a protester I could get behind, even though we were on different sides of the political fence. Why, my eyes still well up remembering the time I saw my own father Humbolt “WTF” Murphy, fasting alongside Cesar when I was but a wee sprat. I can understand the commitment and self-sacrifice that goes into a hunger strike, but a flag-desecrating Frodo-hop along the border I just don’t get. Call me old fashioned. And who the hell is Joan “Boaz” anyway? She looks a little like Mimi Farina.

As for ol’ “One-Eye,” I never met him but it’s my impression that he was frequently misunderstood due to his poor depth perception and crippling myopia, an unfortunate byproduct of his various disabilities.

Either way, it’s time for me to move on, I’ve got more pressing concerns within my own party (apparently a fair number of my fellow Republican candidates hate dogs), so I bid adieu for now, Doctress. But we’ll meet again. I have no doubt that you’ll be the Democratic nominee and we’ll face-off once again come November. Until then, if you have the globes, meet me at the Project White House Happy Hour this Wednesday and I’ll convince you of the error of your ways over a couple of boilermakers.

Sean “CF” Murphy

“Standing Firm for You!”


3 Responses

  1. Reading Sean “Catalyst [for] Freedom” Murphy’s account of seeing his father fast with Chavez brought back memories of my own childhood exposure to the ideals of the 1960s. I was abandoned when my mother, horrified at Dylan going electric at Newport, began shrieking and hopping about and she failed to notice that I had slipped from her hand-woven papoose and fallen to the ground. In her grief, she forgot all about me and I was left alone on the cold fairgrounds of Newport until I was rescued by a childless couple working on the Nixon campaign. They raised me as their own and imbued in me the principles I hold dear today. Like Sean “CF” Murphy, some might call me old-fashioned, but is it old-fashioned to love your country? Is it old-fashioned to Stand Firm or is it better to shake your booty like Ms. Spears? I see a bit of myself in Sean “CF” Murphy — that’s why he’s got my vote.

  2. Doctress Neutopia;
    Isn’t it fortunate for you that so many United States soldiers died over the years since 1776 defending your right to desecrate the United States flag. Had the outcome been reversed during World War II, and we were speaking German, in the United States of Germany, you would probably have been placed before a firing squad before now.

    Considering that you do not even have the intestinal fortitude to use your correct name for this campaign, it is pointless to waste too much time with this post.

  3. Say what? Nobody died to give anyone the right to burn the flag. Get real, dude. America and all of its rights and freedoms were not “created” as if by divine magic or at gunpoint. Aside from our soldier boys, we owe thanks to ALL AMERICANS. Since the inception of your country, men and women have worked and struggled and voted in their communities to achieve a gradual increase in these rights and liberties. You think the minutemen were fighting for negro slaves? Do you think they were fighting for women to vote? Within my lifetime burning or defacing a flag would get you beaten by the police and then thrown in jail. Little to do with American’s military sacrifices in prior wars, just the opposite. The fact is, many of our fine soldiers were sent to their deaths by the Commander in Chief under shady pretenses and to achieve global political goals.

    What? We all speak communist Vietnamese now? They won that war. No, I’m not diminishing their ultimate sacrifice, but I’m pretty tired of the use of their noble deaths to prove some ridiculous conservative point. Our freedom to use the flag as a diaper came about very recently in our society.

    God(s) Bless America

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