Charles Skelley: The Constitutional Crisis in Arizona Politics Should be “New Business” at the Jan 9 Caucus of Republicans and Democrats at Danny’s Baboquivari Lounge

Arizona politics is now involved in a Constitutional crisis. And I want to place this topic on the Project White House agenda for Jan 9, as “New Business”.

755,000 Arizona voters (28% of the electorate) have been disenfranchised for the upcoming Feb 5, 2008 primary election. This is front page news in the Arizona Daily Star, dated Jan 8, 2008.

My portion of the Project White House blog has openly pointed out that I consider these “independent” voters to be part of my constituency.

Presumably, most of the other candidates in Project White House also consider Arizona’s “independent” voters to be among their own constituency.

Recently, legislation has been introduced in the Arizona Senate (by Senator Jack Harper) to end this mistreatment of Arizona’s electorate.

Surely some candidates should stand up and support these 755,000 disenfranchised Arizona voters. So basically my question for tomorrow night’s “new business” is:

If not us, then Who? And if not now, then When?


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