Orion Karl Daley: The Presidential Candidate for the People

The New Deal
In observing the speeches during the Iowa and New Hampshire Primaries I thought about what makes a great President.

The Presidents that I most admire demonstrated in their own personal way a moral courage, which I see, is needed in leadership for our strategic future.

Moral Courage for me is not an ideology, nor is it one set thing but does account for compassion. In terms of our personal strength it unites our heart and mind.

This is the guts that Washington had in crossing the Delaware and how he spoke of standards that we must have; how Kennedy spoke about Freedom of the press when, I believe, he was aware of his imminent demise. His actual message to me was ‘fear not fear the truth’; and then how FDR lead a nation where not one American, nor world leader that he met, knew he suffered a wheel chair; and then how Abe said that ‘Right makes Might’.

These presidents did not use sound bites or catch phrases, but provided a substantive inspiration based on this type of courage, which when not in fashion at the time, inspired the people. This is what I see went into the Constitution, and what every American is entitled to see in themselves.

But when hearing other presidential candidates today speak of Change, I recoil! It is where Democrats remind me of Republicans in deferring responsibility. To me, it comes across as a token and patronizing excuse of what one’s empowerment should be as opposed to what it really is.

I say, ‘thanks, but no thanks, as this is not personal empowerment for me’. I want much more as a U.S. Citizen. In other words, how about at least some details from any candidate that speaks of ‘Change’?

I see the fundamental change has to be from the top down by whom we have entrusted our leadership. Let me provide one of many examples for this need in leadership.

Consider this in terms of credit practices in the United States and how the government affects commercial lending, and how this propels predatory lending practices.

As the IRS can set penalties and interest, as well as late fees, which all compound on each other, so do banks and credit lenders who follow this lead. Loan sharks follow the lead of predatory credit practices within a realm of even less regulation.

If the IRS served the U.S. Citizen in management of only taxes that were constitutional, made interest and payment plans which would be workable with the everyday U.S. Citizen, the U.S. Government can then place similar regulation on commercial lending practices. They could no longer be predatory.

The U.S. government though has no teeth in making such regulation while it has similar punitive measures in tax collection. When commercial credit is regulated, there is far less room for Loan Sharking. Also there is far less need for it. People are no longer as desperate for credit in order to pay for other punitive credit.

So what do the 3 branches of Government really mean in serving us, what are their powers, and the purposes of their intended limitations? How can we compel the branches to comply with the Constitution and not defer their powers and responsibility? How can we be assured that they even know the Constitution? What is Free Expression mean to each one of us and respecting it in others; and what do our rights mean with respect to our everyday life?

So what do these other candidates mean in terms of our Constitution and our relationship with it. What is their strategic vision for the people of this nation, and what guidelines do they have for it. Do they have the moral courage for true change? as this is in the leadership that we must rely on.

The Constitution states that the purpose of government is for the defense of the nation and the Welfare of the people. Personal Empowerment starts at the community level. So this can only be ‘ if and only if’ our government has provided the environment for us to stand on our own two feet. Our Communities then can coherently set their expectations for representation in The House and Senate.

To Accomplish this, all communities must be able to have in their capacities the ability to see that all are a vital part of this nation where all are included: in other words, ‘Let not this country is without you’!

With this, every American will be able afford to see this same moral courage in them self. For our children, it is the fundamentals of self esteem that can make them the intellectual capital of our nation’s tomorrow.

But this requires that our government becomes cost effective in serving the people; that our economy works for us as opposed to us working for it; and that our communities can afford as their priority, our health, safety and welfare.

This must first come from the leadership that we have entrusted for our nation if to empower the US Citizen with real representation.

This is a tall order for the President elect to accomplish for our nation. Considering the burden of our present day events, it can only be achieved through real guidelines in leadership courage. The ones I see for our nation are:

1- Transparent and Accountable Government to serve the People
2- The Dignity of Human Rights in our mutual regard
3- Balanced Trade to return industry and jobs back to our shores
4- Economic Solvency for Our National Security
5- To Conduct Foreign Policy that demonstrates a standard of mutual respect

These five principles are based on the lessons afforded indirectly by these great leaders: JFK ultimately sought to have Transparent and Accountable Government; FDR sought to provide the means to achieve quality of life for every citizen; but then let us not forget George Washington’s words: “Let us raise a standard that the wise and honest can repair”.

I see that with these guidelines, we can assure the framework of the U.S. Constitution, and its Bill of Rights; and have Government for the people; a fair tax that is constitutional; fund needed programs like Education and Health Care , and not at tax payer costs; and assure our National Security while conducting foreign policy that we as Americans can stand behind.

In this manner, every US Citizen in their own right becomes empowered to participate in our nation’s leadership. This is what makes us Americans and how we can set expectations for our leadership to serve our nation.

It is in these standards of measure that I ask to be judged as the Presidential Candidate for the people.

Sincerely Yours,

Orion Karl Daley
Presidential Candidate for 2008
for the Strategic Future of our nation
Author – The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
Balanced Party http://unity2008.org
New York, NY, USA – 917-297-0763


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