Doctress Neutopia: Flesh Meet



It’s always surprising to meet people in the flesh after learning about them over the Internet. What impressed me about the gathering of the candidates for a “flesh meet” on Wednesday is how passionate folks are to express their concerns about issues that affect our world. Many of our concerns overlap more than compete with each other.

I must confess that as a lover of life, my competitive nature isn’t that strong. I am much more comfortable with finding common ground, making friends, and finding cooperation. In fact, biologists have discovered that cooperation is the real driving force of evolution. To overcome mega crisis, like those we are presently in will take cooperation, not competition to meet the challenge.

What I also discovered during the “flesh meet” is that we are suffering from the lack of democracy in our culture. Most national candidates have millions of dollars pouring into their campaigns to purchase media access, whereas we Dark Horse Candidates have had little opportunities to express our political visions publicly.

Tragically, our society lacks democratic forums where people can learn the art of public speaking. Since our schools are governed by top-down administrators and schools rooms and grading systems are autocratic, our schools don’t teach us how to be good democratic citizens. At the University of Massachusetts where I went to school, I searched years for a democratic forum to express my views about the lack of democracy at the School of Education, but no such forum existed. Finally, I found the Internet and there I found the beginning of a world forum.

Folks, we have a chance now, with Project White House to bring more democracy into our world. We must seize this opportunity and present to the world the best blog possible. I encourage everyone to get a camcorder or a digital tape recorder and learn how to get your media onto the web. If you work and don’t have a lot of time to spend on your campaign, then this is the time to take off sick leave. Our civilization is sick from the lack of democracy and it is up to us to heal it.


Doctress Neutopia


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