Leland Montell: Attention, Grayson supporters!

Like many, I was shocked to learn that Richard Grayson had decided to withdraw from the presidential race. For the record, I considered him a valuable contributor to the political dialogue who added significantly to the national agenda. I had the sense that his campaign would have a strong finish; that it would stay clear of negative ads and mud-slinging. He was a real competitor who knew how to organize at the grass roots level and took this race seriously. I respected him for that.

The negative media attention on Rich is undeserved. We all know how harsh the press can be when they’re fishing around for a story (we should all be relieved that Posh and Britney are back). When it is all said and done, his reasons are his own. We haven’t even discussed it, but that kind of pressure can do real damage.

This isn’t about me, but I do want to extend a warm welcome to his supporters now that Rich is out of the picture. My camp shares many of the same values and has a similar outlook on the future of this great country. While we’ve had our differences on how to accomplish it, we both want to take this country in a promising new direction.

Leland Montell

America Back On Course


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