Charles Skelley: 500,000 copies of my Presidential program

The following response was submitted along with the Center for Arizona Policy’s candidate survey for the 2008 election. Presumably this response will appear in 500,000 information booklets which will be distributed to Arizona voters.

Charles Skelley’s 2008 Presidential program follows the economic principles of Adam Smith, in general. A society should put excellent tools (= Working Capital) in the hands of its Productive Workers, and try to minimize the things that hold back production. Laws should be as simple as possible. This was the original design for the US Federal Government. It will work again if we give it a chance. I will govern like US presidents Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Kennedy, all rolled into one.

Obviously, laws regarding Environmental Protection or Retirement cause a need for more Working Capital, and the Federal Government should be responsible for creating enough Working Capital to actualize the social programs that it legislates. Unfortunately, the Federal Government has greatly over-promised and under-delivered during the last 45 years. So the US today needs many changes, which could have been avoided if US productivity had grown faster, during the last 45 years, by perhaps 1% annually or 2% annually.

Details of my Presidential program are discussed on my websites:

I will get Congress to eliminate 70% of the Federal Government’s “Unfunded Liabilities”, which is a euphemism for the “over-promising” and “under-delivering” behavior of the Federal Government during the last 45 years.

I will immediately turn the Iraq conflict over to the UN. The Islamic radicals in that region are still contesting the settlement of World Wars I and II, and a subsequent arrangement called the Mandate of Palestine. I will request that all 3 million people in the so-called Palestinian refugee camps should be allowed to immigrate to Iraq, thus resolving the end of World Wars I and II.

I will make it illegal to pay US salary or commissions to illegal immigrants, thus causing the illegal immigrants to leave the US.

I will ask Congress to reduce the cost of US Healthcare to 11% of GNP from its current 16% of GNP. This will bring US Healthcare costs in line with other countries.

I will fix 1/4 of the current underfunding problems with Social Security, by raising retirement age. And I will fix 1/4 of the current underfunding problems by reducing payouts to current Social Security recipients. This shares the burden across all generations of US people, and aims to solve 50% of the long term Social Security problem.

I will jump start US manufacturing enough to cut the US Trade deficit in half, by injecting equity capital into our successful exporting industries ($300 billion of debt relief for exporters).

I will impose a flexible import tax on all products manufactured in China, to salvage the US manufacturing industries.

I will revive the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which has been key to US prosperity after World War II.

I will replace the US Income Tax with a VAT (probably similar to the so-called “Fair-Tax”), plus Excise Taxes on the rich. VAT is used by about 50 countries around the world, and works well in peacetime.

I will accelerate adoption of several alternate sources of energy in the US. And I will also request construction of a full-scale nuclear energy plant using the technology called “Integral Fast Reactor” (for which only a tiny amount of waste material leaves the plant).

I will encourage creation of a separate part of the US economy within the biggest US cities — where Democrat economics can demonstrate its own effectiveness, without affecting smaller cities and rural areas.


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