Announcing: The Tucson Weekly Readers’ Endorsement!

Reader poll sidebar iconWith just three weeks before Arizona’s Feb. 5 presidential primary, we’ve got an exciting announcement for the candidates and their supporters: We’re now offering a Tucson Weekly Readers’ Endorsement on top of the Tucson Weekly Endorsement!

That’s right: This is a chance for candidates to bypass the Media Elite and take their case right to the people! The winners of the Readers’ Endorsement will also appear in TW’s Jan. 31 issue, right alongside the winner of the TW Endorsement.

Here’s how it’s going to work: We’ve set up a new Web site, Project White House Polling Central Headquarters.

We’re beginning with a Primary Primary for both parties. Both the Democratic and Republican candidates have been split into five divisions. The top vote-getter in each division will advance to a final round to win the Tucson Weekly Readers’ Endorsement.

You can vote for one candidate in each division. We’ll be tracking IP addresses, so don’t try to stuff the ballot box. It’s one computer, one vote!

The deadline for the first round is noon on Tuesday, Jan. 22—two weeks before the Feb. 5 election day.

In addition, we’ll have a daily poll asking questions about the presidential race.

Best of all, you can spread these polls yourself, on any Web page. You’ll see instructions when you cast your ballot.

Let the voting begin!


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