Frank McEnulty’s Administration

Partisan Politics and My Administration:

There will be no partisan politics allowed in my administration because I have seen first hand how destructive they can be to getting the job done and helping people get back to their lives.

For the last two years I have been involved in developing a project in the New Orleans area. The project is now underway, but during that time I have had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans several times and have seen first hand what has and hasn’t been happening in the area since the hurricane in 2005 (over 24 months ago now). Not nearly enough is getting done. In Louisiana, they spent way too long blaming the Republicans in Washington, DC for everything that happened to New Orleans and surrounding areas rather than just getting on with the rebuild.


Now, 24 months later, there are still whole neighborhoods where very little has been accomplished and I believe a great deal of the blame for that is because of the initial partisan finger-pointing that is still going on today. By contrast, in Mississippi, they didn’t try and blame Washington, DC for their problems (the Governor is Republican so no partisan bickering) and they got right to work and have made much greater strides towards getting the state and people’s lives back together.

It will be argued for years as to why this has occurred and while the complete answer is very complex and involves many aspects, I believe a major reason for the lack of progress in Louisiana can be blamed on the fall-out from partisan politics.


My Administration:


As an independent candidate for President my administration will not be burdened by the fact that we will need to make the proper political appointments or proper political decisions to try and help us keep and maintain power. My chances of reelection will depend solely on how the American people believe that I am doing as their President.

Every decision that I will make as President of the United States will be based on three very simple questions:

1. Is it Good for America? By this I mean good for America as a whole, not for a special interest group, not for a specific industry, not for a specific political party, not for a specific politician’s reelection, but good for America as a whole.

2. Is this Federal law really necessary? We have thousands and thousands of Federal laws and way too many people in Congress trying to pass new ones all the time to help themselves get reelected. Unless a law is absolutely necessary for the American people as a whole, it should not be passed.

3. Is this a proper use of the citizen’s tax money? The Republican administration that we have had in this country for the last several years has been on a spending spree unlike that seen in many, many years. What happened to the theory of fiscal responsibility and smaller government? We need to stop throwing money at every special project that people in Washington can dream up to buy votes and stop now.

I will not be afraid to veto new laws if I do not believe that they are in the best interest of all Americans. As an independent President, I will not be under any obligation to pass a law to help a political party or to help get a certain senator or congressman reelected. I will have the freedom to do what is right for America rather than what is right for a special interest or political party.

Administration Personnel:

As an Independent candidate for President my administration will be free to hire the right people for the job, regardless of political affiliation. There will be Democrats in my administration; there will be Republicans in my administration; there will Independents, Greens and non-aligned people in my administration. The key to someone obtaining a job in my administration will be simple; do they want what is best for America , can they leave partisan politics at the door and do they have the proper credentials for getting the job done?

If a person does not have the right qualifications for a job, they will not be hired regardless of what they did to help me win the election. I will hire as someone in the private sector will hire – hire the best person for the job who will give us, the American people, the best return on our investment.

Always remember that “Anything is Possible in America”


Frank McEnulty


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