The New Candidate Challenge

My good friend Emil Franzi, a longtime local political strategist, has said there are four things every successful campaign has to do:

1) Let ’em know you’re running
2) Give ’em a reason to vote for you
3) Give a reason to not vote for the other guy
4) Get Out The Vote (or GOTV)

The candidates, through this Web site, their MySpace pages and outreach like Project White House Happy Hour!, have gotten through the first two stages.

Now it’s time for stage 3. Their new job: Make a comparison piece showing why voters should vote for them instead of one of the mainstream Republican or Democratic candidates.

Candidates can make a blog post, a short video or a campaign brochure.

Republicans are targeting one or more of the following: Romney, McCain, Paul, Giuliani, Huckabee, Hunter or Thompson.

Democrats are targeting one or more of the following: Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Gravel or Kucinich.


4 Responses

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  4. The health insurance industry spread around $100 million among the Democratic candidates with the result that the terrible trio of lawyers, Clinton, Edwards & Obama have exactly the same Universal healthcare plan, which is to FORCE everyone to pay premiums to insurance companies for healthcare. This will give insurance companies anothe trillion dollars in premiums.

    Only one candidate registered with the FEC has a plan that saves half a trillion dollars by eliminating the insurance companies and having Medicare pay the doctors and hospitals directly.

    Adding the trillion of extra cost the terrible trio want to Frank’s half a trillion of savings, gives a one and a half trillion difference.

    This $1,500 billion is enough to pay for all the items in Frank Lynch’s Top Ten List at
    Imagine Free College, Free Healthcare for everyone, Free Daycare, Eliminate the Income Tax and put a 47% tax on imports to bring jobs back to America.

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