Charles Skelley Takes On Mike Huckabee!

In response to the latest campaign challenge, Charles Skelley has targeted Mike Huckabee:

My Presidential plan differs from Republican candidate Mike Huckabee, in that I am presenting a specific plan to fix 50% of the magnitude of the long-term problems which have been pointed out by the GAO (Government Accountability Office). And I would begin my “50% reform” immediately.

My Presidential plan for Social Security splits this reform into 2 parts, to share the burden across all generations of US people. Half of the adjustment would come from delaying Social Security retirement age, and half of the adjustment would come from reduced payouts to current SS recipients. If we act immediately rather than allowing the problem to get worse — then my plan could involve roughly 10% gradual reduction in Social Security benefits, plus a delayed age to begin drawing Social Security. But the problem gets worse very rapidly if we wait to make these reforms.

By contrast, let’s look at a video where Mike Huckabee explains his strategy, which is to engage in doubletalk on the issues, to praise President Bush’s effort to reform Social Security, and to give old people the option of a receiving a lump sum payment to LEAVE the Social Security system when they reach retirement age.


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