Charles Skelley: The Constitutional mandate to punish $53 Trillion of counterfeit US securities


Quoting the Constitution of the USA:

Article 1, Section 8: The Powers of Congress

“To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;”

When interpreting the US Constitution, wherever it says Congress “may” do something, the Constitution actually means Congress “must” do something. Therefore Congress itself “must” get rid of all these $53 trillion of “Unfunded Liabilities” (= counterfeit securities) which the Government Accounting Office has identified, and has declared to be endangering the continued existence of our US way of life.

The problem to date seems to center on Congress’s failure to provide “punishment” for itself, both as a whole and for its individual members, in regard to legislating $53 Trillion of off-budget (counterfeit) debt chargeable to “we the people”.

In other words, the US today is facing a mirror image of the Trust problem that Theodore Roosevelt confronted. But today it is Congress which is abusing the powers “entrusted” to it under the Constitution, and using that leverage to endanger the stability of our US way of life.

Consequently, as President, I will ask the US Supreme Court to step in and save our way of life.

Perhaps this will end up with a requirement for the Federal Government to operate with balanced budgets each and every year (and end Federal off-budget accounting), just as State and Local Governments have been doing for many decades.


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