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The New Deal For 2008 – A Breath Of Fresh Air
by John-Michael P. Talboo – Saturday, October 13, 2007

The requirements to be US president are very simple. One must be 35 years of age, a legal resident of the US for a minimum of 14 years and a natural born citizen. That is it, and that is all, plain and simple. Orion Daley fits these three requirements.

There is nothing that calls for a presidential applicant to be a former government official in any way shape or form. By Daley’s own admission he is not a politician, but as a working man he sees himself as a statesman. Well the last time I checked this country was founded of, by, and for the people.

The only thing left to ask yourself this does he fit your requirements?

Well I for one am sick of the two party system! For that reason alone Mr. Daley is very appealing to me. I suspect that I am not a lone wolf in this regard. In fact recent polls show that I’m not. A December 5, 2005 article from MSNBC nation affairs writer Tom Curry posed the following question.

“At a time when opinion polls indicate that Americans hold both major political parties in low esteem, can a third party move into the breach?”

I offer this answer in response. Yes, but only if Americans believe that it is possible and follow their hearts. I think polls that reflect such sentiments are accurate. However, we must stop listening to the rhetoric of pundits. If they feed us a line a thousand times that a candidate is “top tier” do they manifest that reality? If they tell us third party candidates are just spoilers enough times, does that become a self-fulfilling prophecy come Election Day? We also often see chatter that puts form over substance. Talk about such things as candidate’s hair styles and how they are dressed. Again, is this the public feeding the media or visa versa?

In July 2007 Mr. Daley agreed to engage in a print interview with me. He didn’t duck or dodge any questions; to the contrary he was very precise in his answers. His preciseness is a breath of fresh air when compared to the vague run around answers of many politicians. During the interview Daley came off as both real and presidential. He seemed to me to have a unique balance about him that truly seemed to live up to his parties’ name.

The same attention to detail that he demonstrated in my interview with him I also found in his book. He painstakingly lays out his ideas for the nation in The New Deal. This in and of itself is rare because most candidates that release a book use a ghostwriter. If they do actually write the book they spend more time talking about themselves rather than concrete plans.

As Orion states in the book in regard to the 2004 Democratic candidates “I saw no real solutions, no strategic path and no horizon.” What he saw is what we see from career politicians all too often, lip service.

We never fully agree with a candidate’s views or plans. However if the views are honest, the plans comprehensive and the man genuine, then that person deserves your consideration. I find Orion Daley to fit this bill. Politics is a dirty business, perhaps an outside cleaning service is required!

There is hardly and issue Orion Daley doesn’t tackle. Everything from Illegal Immigration, to Health Care, and all things in between are covered. For those viewing this review online I suggest looking at his website http://unity2008.org first and then consider buying his book. It acts as both a demonstration of his political platform and a campaign donation. You are lucky to get a bumper sticker for $20 from most candidates!

Daley is a strong defender of the Constitution. Has many great ideas concerning alternative energy, and believes economic solvency is the key to National Security.

My favorite thing about Daley’s Balanced Party is it’s first principle of Transparent and Accountable Government. He and I most defintly see eye to eye on the belief that the major political forces are both lacking, and continuing to lose this attribute at an expedential rate. He offers many suggestions as how to regain the ideals of our founders.

One such idea centers around making set standads on how politicians web sites must function. Including notifying constituents prior to voting. As he states this would help prevent pushing of bills through Congress in midnight sessions like that of The Patriot Act.

Another aspect of this is using exsisting technology to give constituents a online vote on a per issue basis to better understand and make public the will of the people. This is not to say the politicians must adhere, but it would encourage further debate and explanation to the populas.

Orion offers his bio in the book but says it’s not intended as a resume. As he states he is showing the reader where he is coming from as to gain understanding of where he would like us to go.

“I am no Icon” he states. Well that’s OK Mr. Daley, in my opinion you are truly the people’s champ! He is letting you see who he is and asking you to judge him by his testimony. He is not an insider. He is not influenced by special interests. He owes no political favors!

We must ask ourselves if we should really focus on changing the system itself rather than just the candidate. I know that is easier said than done. But in the words of Rage Against The Machine vocalist Zach Delaroca…

“It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here, what better time than now?”

John-Michael P. Talboo

The New Deal is the only deal , September 21, 2007
By Aleta M. Daley (Norwich, CT) – See all my reviews

Regardless of your political leanings, your disillusion or good faith in our present administration and electedBe part of America's tommorw, get the New Deal today ! representatives, THE NEW DEAL:An Election 2008 Primer should be a must read for all US citizens sixteen years and older. Whereas the paperback may lack the gloss and slickness of a high powered celebrity publisher, this election primer offers substance, integrity, vision and a practical understanding of seemingly untenable and unsolvable problems. Instead of a hopeful utopia, which is no more realistic today than it was when Thomas More wrote his gently satirical work, The New Deal demonstrates how capitalism can work for democracy, where all citizens can not only participate in the promise of economic and social wellbeing, but also become better US citizens; it offers fresh and invigorating solutions to problems that candidates on both sides of the divide describe in only very general and in my opinion far from satisfying terms: from healthcare to immigration to foreign policy.

By contrast to many a political tract, advertisement and soundbite, The New Deal never resorts to vitriol, and epithets as a means to rebut another’s point of view. The author, Orion Karl Daley, prefers to stick with the issues and the solutions, rather than ad hominem arguments and platitudes. In The New Deal, although you may come across some typos, you won’t have to sift through the verbiage to find what you are really looking for: specific and supporting evidence for each and every option the author defines. There is also plenty of common sense to be found on every page.

As to the author himself, there’s an autobiography which traces his rather extensive experience,and his reasons for developing The New Deal.

The New Deal …Is refreshing and truthful..Full of hopes dreams and plans, 15 Jul 2007

The New Deal book is one of the best books I have read in quite some time. Concerning a political debate and the answers for solutions. It focuses on the issues of our great Nation and it offers within it’s contents solutions, and due process on how to handle and get this country back on it’s feet. Mr. Daley doesn’t talk around an issue ,as other politicians do. He takes the issue to task and answers your questions what ever they may be. And he will answer them with honsty and sincerity. Caring about this country. He talks of the many ways he sees to help heal our nation. And I believe that given the chance and the opportunity, Mr. Daley could turn this country back around. Orion Karl Daley,is someone who truly cares about the American people as a whole. And that is what it will take for the healing of our great Nation. I find Mr. Daley’s book to be a must read and will offer you insight into the problems and “his solutions”, in all aspects of the many troubles our country of the united States now face. A must read…refreshing new ideas is what our Country needs… And Mr. Daley has them .Thank you.
From Karen Stillwell Care2.com
“Please friends, if you have the time, please read and pass on along to others. The New deal book by Orion Karl Daley has hit the 5 star rating through Amazon. com. I am so proud of his feat, and I wish him well along with all the success that this book will bring. It will mean that the American people now have and can finally place their trust into someone who cares about the American People as a whole. He nevver waivers, never backs down, and never gives in to adversity. He says what he believes in. And he believes in what he says…….Always remember this…Two roads diversed into the same woods. I chose the one that was least expected. And in the end. It made all the difference in the world…..Orion will make a difference. Just believe in him. And what he has to offer you . This is a must read for anyone who is looking for a new reform in our government. And a new and better Ameican……….Thank You so much…Love and HUGS to all….K”


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