Tucson Weekly Readers’ Endorsement: Final Voting Round Underway!

reader_poll_sbbutton-12.jpgNow’s your chance to cast a ballot in the final round of voting in the Tucson Weekly Readers’ Endorsement!

The final five Democrats: Sandy Whitehouse, Libby “Doctress Neutopia” Hubbard, Leland Montell, Richard Grayson and Michael Oatman.

The final five Republicans: Charles Skelley, John McGrath, Sean “CF” Murphy, Frank McEnulty and Rhett Smith.

Cast your ballot now!


One Response

  1. I want to thank my many supporters for voting for me in the readers’ poll. I am encouraged by the outpouring of mail and requests for bumper stickers that support not only my candidacy but my initiatives as well. Maybe when the mining act of 1872 is finally repealed and the funding for rural fire departments has been restored, we can begin the process of providing health care for all our citizens, stop the aggressive foreign policy and raise our children to be free and fearless citizens of a reenvigorated United States of America.
    Greatfully, Sandy Whitehouse

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