Sean “CF” Murphy Takes on Chuck Norris!

Republican Sean “CF” Murphy comes to Sen. John McCain’s defense! You better be prepared for a whuppin, Chuck Norris!


One Response

  1. Whoa! When you proclaimed your intention to Stand Firm, I had no idea you would stand this firm and kick sand in the face of has-been he-men like Norris. Your sly and wicked critique of McCain’s age failed to acknowledge his arm candy wife, which leads me to a very important question: who is your First Lady in Waiting? We voters have not seen hide, hair or fur of your spouse (you are married, aren’t you?) We have a right to know what style maven will guide the women of America into the coming years, and who will be sharing the Lincoln bed with you and eating off the Harding China. Enquiring minds want to know who will be the true power behind the throne, so come clean Sean “Canned Frosting” Murphy.

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