Chuck See: Thank You, Tucson Weekly!!!

Thank You!

I want to express my heart felt thanks to Jim Nintzel and all of the Tucson Weekly staff for their endorsement and continued support throughout this campaign. You guys have believed in me when many other did not.

But seriously, it takes a lot of courage to stand up against the system these days, and the Tucson Weekly has taken its share of criticism for Project White House. But isn’t this what we should be doing, enabling citizens to participate in their government?

The Tucson Weekly gave me my start in the political world in 2000 when it ran and article that suggested that anyone could get on the Presidential ballot. That was the first time I had heard this since my mother used to tell me that “anyone can be president” when I was a child. I filled out the form and sent it in, and ran against John McCain and George Bush in the Republican race. I won’t elaborate on the outcome.

My political career has hardly been lustrous, but thanks to the Tucson Weekly I have taken an interest in government, the state of my country and the state of the world, and through this experience have gained a deeper appreciation of our plight. I wish that everyone could have this experience.

I also want to thank my fellow candidates in Project White House. They are a diverse group, but they have a common thread in wanting to improve this country. It is difficult for me to see why I was the one who received the Tucson Weekly’s endorsement. Many of these candidates have put in considerable time and effort to put forth their views, and I hope that they will continue to speak out for everyday Americans.

I also hope that Project White House will inspire the readers to be more involved in their government. This election is an opportunity to start us back on the right track. To a government that actually cares about, and works for its people.

Many Thanks,
Chuck See
Candidate for President


3 Responses

  1. Doctress Neutopia was robbed! There must’ve been some kind of kickback.

  2. Dear Dave Maass;

    Although I deny any allegations of wrongdoing, I do have to admit that Doctress Neutopia has some great ideas about where this country, and this world should be headed. I love her “Local to Global Youth Corps” that would help unite us across the planet.

    I’d guess I also have to say that I enjoyed your article about Obama. I think that of the national Democratic field we have to choose from right now, he’s the most likely to unite this country.

    Anyway I appreciate you taking an interest in our little campaign here in Arizona, and I hope that you are able to influence some folks there in New Mexico. We need to fight to open up these primary so that independence like yourself can have a say in who you have to vote for in the general!

    Best Regards,
    Chuck See

  3. Thanks, Chuck. But why not name Doctress as your running mate? That may get you a few more votes.

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