The New Deal from Presidential Candidate Daley

Franklin Delano Roosevelt reached out when our nation was in need for a ‘New Deal’. He showed that he gave a damned about our people as a nation.
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FDR took on the mess that Herbert Hoover had created which included, not caring about our Vets, or the people, a debt burdened US dollar and the over inflated stock market which Hoover allowed to crash. Then, FDR put America in a direction for her recovery through his new deal.

We need another New Deal today. What is needed is Government, Economic and Corporate Reform, and to demonstrate leadership in Environment with safe and clean cheap energy. We can then afford assured Health care, more employment, a working educational system, and Community empowerment to drive representation in Congress for our strategic future.

The role of the economy for our communities is the means of their empowerment. The flow of money and commerce in our communities is essential to our economy. Additionally, through innovation, energy sources can be of less impact to the environment and can help lower our costs of operation. This lowers the cost of transportation, goods and industry at a minimum. Like dominoes, this lowers the cost
of infrastructure which enables jobs to be created in our communities.Summarized below are plans to be enacted to achieve this New Deal. It also positions our country as its people on a progressive role in world leadership. The New Deal is based of solutions as plans for the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our nation as its people. The plans are proactive and address shared needs that we all relate to.These plans call for projects. When the government demonstrates leadership in reform, and commits to research and development for our future, and market development for investment and employment, the private sector will follow the lead. This also holds true when we are seen as consumers, by the private sector, of assured health care coverage, and working educational systems in our communities.

To Pay as you go – most projects and solutions proposed look at Government bonds for funding. There are Government Grant programs where this goes many steps further. This also is to provide the impetus for the private sector to make investments. This can be for the cases of research, education, health care, and other. It is further my view, that any investment through bonds in the nation should be tax exempt. Such bonds are to be purchased by institutional banks on Wall Street for improving their bottom line, and for the future of their intellectual capital and of this country. Additionally, these bonds are to be available to the public at large for investment. Being purchased with pre-tax dollars and income, lowers the actual federal taxes to be collected. Funds from Bonds are considered for only their specific purpose. In other words, the Federal government will not manipulate and funds from specific initiatives for other purposes. Key research and development is for improving the Environment and reducing the cost of energy. Projects are to be funded by Government Bonds for providing the necessary grants. Cheaper energy is to provide a ripple affect in collateral benefit for reducing the cost of transportation, goods and infrastructure. The cost then for community empowerment is no longer an unaffordable luxury, but an investment that enables the standards for people to live by as a nation. Working educational systems, real health care, and community empowerment can be realized.

As a Presidential Election Candidate for 2008, I commit to the following new New Deal. It is based on the 5 Principles in the campaign 08 platform, and the Promised State of the Union Address.

A- The Government Reform Act

To serve the people, cost effective operation of our government is through transparency and accountability, and enabling our economy through economic reform. This further facilitates the means for bond and grant programs for research and development; and the incentive for reform in our private sector for reliable investment and therefore employment of our people.

  • Federal Information Plan: A Government that can serve the people responsibly is a cost effective government. A cost effective government is one that manages its information properly. The government’s management of information is currently seen as dysfunctional. It is estimated that 65% of administrative overhead can be removed in the current costs of running our government. This is through the refinement of its information management. It is to be achieved through the Federal Information Plan

B- The Economic Reform Act: is based firstly on a tactical move for enabling an economic cycle of debt and equity, secondly on new trade policies, and finally, a strategic plan for economic solvency.

    1- Tactical Reform: In scope consists of cutting spending entitlements and earmarks and corporate welfare, tax Capital Gains, and reverse the tax cuts of the wealthiest 2% of our population . This is estimated to recoup over $300 billion dollars for the current year. Additionally we are to close the tax gap through proactive remedies. The tax gap represents an erroneous and uncollectable amount of personal tax issues. This is to be remedied by 1– closure by financing with diminished penalty and interest there by obtaining a realistic gap that has a payment schedule; and then 2– filling that gap in the interim by selling debt bonds to the institutional banking Fixed Income markets for financing closure.
    2- New Trade Policy: is achieved through what is termed ‘Balanced Trade’. It is an intended means to provide fair parity in world trade, re-instill incentives for local manufacturing, limiting foreign imports, promoting more competitive local goods, and encouraging parity in labor and wage internationally.3- Economic Solvency: is sustained and achieved strategically through an Investment Based Economy. It is viewed that only through economic solvency do we have true ‘National Security’. The premise to this is 1- Wall Street knows that it is better to invest the dollar than to spend it, 2- To make the US Government the most treasured client on Wall Street, and 3- to put the world financial markets to work for bettering the US economy. It is intended to pay down interest rates radially, and eventually pay off foreign debt.

C- Corporate Reform Act: is based on guidelines for fair and ethical performance measures for corporations that wish to operate, and or continue to operate in the United States. In general, Corporate Reform includes but is not limited to 1- provide an accurate representation of shareholder value, 2- instill employee loyalty, allow fair union representation and compliance with nationally stated affirmative action policies, and 3- the removal of binding arbitration agreements with employees. Further, service oriented corporations will be scrutinized closely in the areas of predatory consumer practices, where compensation will be deemed applicable to any exploited consumer.

D- Government Bond Funded Grant Programs: are intended to instill a new era of investment in our nations future. It is intended to provide incentives to entrepreneurs in answering many of our needs, and to finance sustainable solutions for the needs. The scope of this includes, but is not to be limited to ‘Environment, Energy, Transportation and Infrastructure’. Each of these areas are considered opportunities for economic boom when handled in a ethical and regulated manner, and invites venture capital from the private sector when seen as proof of vision. Debt financing for bonds, and equity financing of venture capital can be structured further in the institutional markets as an Equity-Linked Note

1- Environment: as reform is considered applicable to federal, state, and community managed programs. The scope of which is to include cleanup of infrastructure, land, water, and air. Consider, if only to stop littering demonstrates world leadership in Environment. Then by producing cheap and clean energy, we can also exceed the compliance with the Kyoto agreement. This is for reducing emissions of pollutants, green house gases, and reduction of acid rain. Its impact is not major globally when other nations ignore compliance, but does matter in terms of providing a clean place to live. As a standard in living, its value is also what others eventually envy.

1- Pollution Laws – are to be reviewed for the scope and effectiveness, and related remedies.

Existing accountability will be reviewed in terms of violations to the laws, and Due Diligence to be enacted on accordingly. Pollution Laws will be revised for effectiveness, and empowered where not empowered.

    One might own a mountain, or a valley of Land, and have sold off the timber in order to build, or sell the land for others to build developments on this land. In such cases, zoning ordinances will be reviewed for the necessity of the development in its relationship to the impact on the environment. Ordinances that appear to be lop-sided at the cost of the environment will be revised by Federal statue.
    2- Program Definition and Scope – The existing pollution laws will be a single component, where remedies in terms of cost of clean up will be financed based on fines and assets of those considered contributors to the pollution problem at hand. In a similar manner, where the land has been compromised, such as Forestry and land erosion, timely remedies for replenishment will be sought by the contributors to the problem.3- Program Deployment: will be monitored by the Congress, and the EPA, and other related Federal industry oriented agencies. It is expected that this deployment due to its scope of effort will be in stages, and in areas of focus with stated milestones of accomplishment. It is further expected that deployment in one thread of the program can be in parallel with other threads that are in the definition and scope phase of planning.

    4- Program Measurements are viewed by the administration as key to keeping the promise for Clean Up and Recovery, and will be made public via the Federal Information System as deemed in review by Congress.

    Programs are to be emphasized as we must clean up our past abuse on the environment in order to live here longer. Environmental impact is compromised by the amount of carbon we emit into the air. The water and ground that we pollute, and the lack of replenishment of the resources that we have taken from our land.Commitments are made to proactive pollution prevention and Environmental cleanup and recovery

2- Energy Alternatives: are key to the how we impact our environment. It is also a matter of National Security to remove foreign energy dependencies. Economically, through safe, cheap and clean energy, we are making our environment far more cost effective to flourish in. Programs will be sought to determine the best alternatives for energy. All alternatives are considered as on the table, and not one is considered to the exclusion of others. It can even be in a combined solution in some cases which provides benefit over cost, and in other cases opting for one over another for the purposes of producing electricity, and powering our transportation systems, infrastructure and homes.

3- The Transportation Modernization Act: as an objective is to ‘Go Electric’. It is intended to lower the cost in the transportation of goods, raw materials, and services. It is also to address the reduction of cost for commuters.

4- Community Empowerment Act: As the Federal Government is to have transparent and accountable practices, and enact this in Corporate reform, this should reach into our communities. As programs, this is not limited to, but includes comprehensive and affordable health care, and unemployment management system to get people back to work, and Education Reform Act that enables ‘No Child left behind’ to become available on a graduated scale of requirements as opposed to an all or nothing merit system. Most of all, a ‘No one left behind’ in education should be considered.

As much as education is the key to the future for personal development, communities suffer the impact of its absence in its younger generation.

More over, communities should be empowered to develop the skills and abilities of its local youth such as in after school prog rams, tutoring where necessary, and other areas of focus that reinforce the sense of self esteem in the youth where attraction to gangs and frustrated groups of kids become less of an issue.

    It is also collective interest to see interest from ACLU, NAACP and AFL-CIO in their involvement in assisting communities in developing such programs, in addition to after school care programs and faith based followings.Education ranges from the very young to the aged. Funding priorities are proposed in the order of State assistance programs, grants and loans. Focus is to be in the following for US citizens:

    There will be the return of Pel Grants, and making education affordable based on a person’s economies of scale.

    Communities that are short changed in terms of Homeland Security Funding Formulas as one example, cannot provide community safety where it meets the needs of the community and First Responders.

    The recognition of this also advocates the need for Federally subsidized programs that enhance the viability of the needs at the local level for community safety.

    We will endeavor on an ongoing basis to see that there are no haitus in Federal Government for the delivery of subsidized funds to States, and that funds, and related programs are not cut; and where signed into law are not shorted; and where states deem the need for more support, that the Federal Government hears and responds to the stated needs in a timely manner.

    The reduction of crime itself reduces the cost of enforcement for both community and personal safety. It is my expectation that communities will understand the need for compliance with fair commerce practices within their areas, which will enhance the effectiveness of Federally subsidized budgets overall.

    When we re-enfranchise our disenfranchised citizens, we build stronger communities. By Communities providing support services and safety nets, I am interested in pursuing tax incentives and further subsidized assistance to support this effort.

    We are currently missing many needed safety nets in our Communities and in their Social Welfare Policies.

    There are other dimensions to this plan that are yet not summarized here. They are documented in the Promise, and where some further are summarized on their own pages. In particular is Vets Rights, and the prevention of a state of homelessness, and the right to self esteem for all.

    What is most important for each and every individual, is to be an active part of this great nation, with their Constitutional rights well secured, and the tolerance by others as in how we all wish respect for ourselves. When we are at a disadvantage, it is the responsibility of this nation as a government, to help us become a part of it once again.

This is my commitment to the Nation,

    Orion Karl Daley
    Presidential Candidate for 2008
    for the Strategic Future of our country
    Balanced Party


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