Orion Karl Daley: Honored by Your Consideration

I want to thank the folks who believe and trust in my vision and plans for our nation. I am glad to see that 80 voters looked closely at what was offered. For these 80 voters and for more to come, please know that I am reregistering as an independent. I also ask you to reach me at http://unity2008.org with any questions or inquires. Please let me share a summary of some of my plans and visions for our nations tomorrow.

In Mann, what I found is that Obama and Clinton Supporters are quite responsive to something that is actually real. Those that were volunteers as an example over last weekend seemed replenished when handing them the Flyer, and in discussing responsible solutions. http://unity2008.org/book/FLYER.pdf

One example is Health Care. I pointed out that when the Dems propose more affordable health care, and the Repubs suggest more choices, that in being one in the same, just end up offering insurance companies more reasons to deny claims.

Further noted, was that the Health our of Nation is reflected in our people, and cannot be a business, and that health care cannot be at tax payer cost. Instead covering , not just 47 , but 300+ million Americans is doable by making a tax exempt investment in our nation. Additionally , this can be of our own standards for quality coverage and should not be associated with how Canada, or England offer their programs, but perhaps how Dubai provides theirs.

The funding strategy is well defined such as at my site, and in my book, The New Deal, and can provide a better return I feel than a savings account: it is a tax exempt investment which is not mandatory, but assures coverage for all. It is something that Wall Street, and the richest 2% consisting of $10 trillion in private wealth will hop too. This means that Congress will accept it gladly.

The Insurance companies are to no longer be in the business of denying claims, but if wise can make a fortune in managing claim volume for the Dept of Health. These Insurance companies pride themselves in the IT resources, and have a more profitable business model.

I pointed out that Education can also be financed as another Social Welfare type of Tax Exempt Bond, which then affords the opportunity to make it readily available to all. This further enables States to lower land taxes which then permits Home owners to keep more of their money too. I see no reason why Education should not be an entitlement for every US Citizen as this reflects our Intellectual capital base. You should be able to get any form of education at will no matter what age you are.

As for Home owners, in the New Deal there is the Government Infrastructure Fund to correct the Mortgage Back Securities Market issue, which then corrects the loss of 400,000 homes in 2007. I predicted this problem before the book’s publishing last June. I further predicted an economic implosion if we don’t smarten up.

In the areas of Economic Development Bonds, Energy research can be funded, and gardened by the government until the startup in question is matured enough to receive mezzanine funding and venture capital. This enables a .Dot Comm Boom type of economic surge where the difference is that what is gardened will have underlying fundamentals as opposed to some bubble. Hence, a another thread in a New Age Economy can be born.

Chapter 4 of my book has an extensive Economic Reform Plan, where the Social Welfare and Economic Development Bonds are only two of many dimensions.

To return industry and jobs to our shores is Balanced Trade. Its paradigm is to gain parity by regulating import volume to export volume. This is fundamentally based on Ohms’s Law. By limiting offshore industry only 10% of their normal import volume calls for 90% consumer demand to be made up by local industry. Hence, Walmart, GM, and others would have to return to our shores if they want the business. The Price of imports goes up due ti being limited, and local , based on increased volume comes down. Pricing meets in parity based on volume. Communities now can have their jobs back.

There are many dimensions to my platform which called for writing it in a book. So could not cover this here. But hope you get an idea of some its its thinking.

For Registration in NY which required 31 delegates and 15,000 ballot signatures I have started to reach out to Unions. As providing them also with a good deal, or if you will, a Bill Of Rights, I am asking for a Vice Presidential Candidate that can stand shoulder to shoulder with my plans and vision, provide 31 delegates, and 15,000 Union Signatures. I have noted that as Unions were not created by ‘going with the Flow’ that likewise they cannot afford to vote Democrat or Republican either. I am hoping that in possibly getting a ground swell in NY, that this can reach across the nation via Unions.

Another voice I am looking to reach is the ethnic diversity that we have in our nation. I also have a fair and productive immigration plan, and view that the voice of many minorities combined can become its own Majority. We should be proud of our nations ethnic diversity.
Please also know that I favor no foreign nation over another in terms of foreign aid, or for that matter military aid, as this must go only through the UN. In this manner, the UN is to become responsible for managing this. If a Nation wishes to appeal to the US, we could be an advocate, but cannot directly support them. If a nation does not want to be a contributor via the UN then their position will become more well known.

Well, that is a lot of reading for now, but wanted to convey what I see as fair and balanced leadership. There is much more like cost effective government, lowering federal withholding to about 1/5th of what one pays currently, how to pay down the escalating debt, and other, and how to build bridges through workable foreign policy, but hope that I can get your interest to help get a ground swell in Arizona.

Honored by your Consideration,

Orion Karl Daley
Presidential Candidate for 2008
for the Strategic Future of our nation
Author – The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
Balanced Party http://unity2008.org
New York, NY, USA –


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