Sandy Whitehouse Beats Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel!

With results nearly complete, it appears that Project White House candidate Sandy Whitehouse defeated former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel in yesterday’s Arizona presidential primary.

sandywhitehouse.jpgAs of 9 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, Whitehouse had 554 votes to Gravel’s 273.

Project White House candidate Richard Grayson also outpolled Gravel, landing 287 votes.

Gravel was the only so-called “mainstream candidate” who took an interest in Project White House after Senior Campaign Manager Jim Nintzel sent an final invite in December to every candidate who made the ballot.

In a brief conversation, a member of Gravel’s campaign expressed concern that the Project White House candidates were too “low-tier” for Gravel to associate himself with.

The tally as it stands with a small percentage of votes left to be counted:


John McGrath: 426

Frank McEnulty: 281

Sean “CF” Murphy: 223

James Mitchell: 162

David Ruben: 95

Michael Shaw: 57

Bob Forthan: 66

Charles Skelley: 44

Rick Outzen: 44

Rhett Smith: 37

Sandy Whitehouse: 554

Edward Dobson: 338

Richard Grayson: 287

Karl Krueger: 253

Frank Lynch: 224

William Campbell: 215

Chuck See: 209

Doctress Neutopia (aka Libby Hubbard): 174

Michael Oatman: 167 Rich Lee: 148

Peter “Simon” Bollander: 136

Tish Haymer: 95

Orion Karl Daley: 80

Leland Montell: 79


2 Responses

  1. Go Sandy! Hillary may be looking for a VP!

    I want more Sandy Whitehouse You Tube videos. Speech, speech, speech!

    Awesome job by all the Project White House 08 candidates.

  2. Thank you so much, Hectoracuna, I have hope Hillary and Barrack would fight to a draw and choose me as the reconciliation candidate. I will be doing some speechifying in the near future. I have the confidence of Arizona’s children, they have no where else to turn as the legislature in this state treats them like chattel. I am working on my “No inmate left behind” initiative where we convert the schools to prisons then every student inmate will get $24,000 worth of education yearly instead of the current $4,900. Keep the Faith!

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