Union Empowerment for Election 2008

Dear Union Member:

I am the Presidential Candidate that has a progressive vision for service and labor unions.

Many unions are opting to endorse either Clinton or Obama. But what do either of these candidates actually mean by saying they support unions ?

Is Clinton or Obama willing to have the government fund long term strike loans, or provide grants for union startups? Do they even suggest a union like the UAW get shareholder votes in corporations like GM to prevent offshoring ?

For that matter, just how do they propose to return industry and jobs back to our shores; or even fund the needs of our community’s First Responders ?

Do they even suggest how to avoid union busting?. Further, does either candidate think that a running mate should come from a union background ?

Has either Clinton or Obama spoken about standing up for your Constitutional Rights that were shelved on July 17th , 2007 ?

In contrast, I intend to empower unions as part of the vital balance of our economy, and believe this is key to the economic solvency of our nation.

This is described more in detail in the document ‘Restore Our Nation’ that is obtainable at http://unity2008.org/book/RestoreOurNation.pdf

In New York, I’m reaching out for Union Help for Election 2008. This is in four critical areas. They are:

1. To seek a Vice Presidential running mate that is of union background that can stand shoulder to shoulder with me in the leadership of our nation.

2. To obtain 31 union members who will be the required electors needed to be on the New York State ballot on November 4, 2008.

3. To obtain 15,000 union member ballot signatures in New York State.

4. To expand the process of obtaining electors and ballot signatures to unions across our nation to accomplish the above in every state.

Historically there has been the two party system where we normally choose either a Democrat or a Republican and go with the flow. Today ‘going with this flow’ could be like going over a water fall in a barrel.

I propose that the government provide grants for union formation, support in the form of loans to unions in order to aid strikes when necessary to resolve issues, help prevent union busting, further the rights of working people, and plans for assuring that first responders have what they need.

Unions have never in our history been started with a ‘Go with the Flow’ attitude, and likewise our nation’s future cannot be trusted with it either. We need to establish real standards and plans; and then chart a course to achieve them.

I am asking for you and your union to help me make the difference so America can work for us all. I bring real and responsible solutions for the present day events that burden every working and unemployed person and believe that ‘No American is to be left behind’.

Honored by your Consideration,

Orion Karl Daley
Presidential Candidate for 2008
for the Strategic Future of our nation
Author – The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
Balanced Party http://unity2008.org
New York, NY, USA


One Response

  1. Why should the government fund long term strike loans? Where did your union dues go, Jimmy Hoffa’s retirement fund? The US should provide for union startups in 3rd world countries so the World economy will be equal to the US’s.

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