About Project White House

Project White House is a bold new experiment in Reality Journalism brought to you by the Tucson Weekly. At least 14 of the Democrats on Arizona’s Feb. 5 presidential primary ballot, as well as 10 of the GOP candidates, are participating in Project White House. These courageous men and women are putting forward their vision to lead our great nation. The candidates will compete in a variety of campaign challenges, with the ultimate winner in both parties capturing the coveted Tucson Weekly endorsement. On this blog, the candidates in Project White House will have an opportunity to post press releases, official campaign statements and platform positions, as well as links to their own Web sites.
We’ve compiled highlights of the campaign season at Best of Project White House.
For more information about Project White House, contact Tucson Weekly senior writer Jim Nintzel at 520 881 1064 or projectwhitehouse@tucsonweekly.com.
Project White House Staff 
Senior Campaign Manager: Jim Nintzel
Image Consultant: Hector Acuña
Campaign Strategist: Dave Maass

8 Responses

  1. Great idea and helps to bring the political process back to the people.

  2. I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to obtaining your full support!

  3. […] a few basic requirements – at least in Arizona.  Many of these candidates are sponsored by Project White House, started by Tucson […]

  4. If you really were interested in broadening the dialog on major issues, you would have publicized your project’s candidates’ views all along and not left voters confused by names they never heard of, and having to hunt for the real candidates lost in your “stable”. All you’re accomplishing is taking votes from real, viable candidates for what seems to be a joke (looking at your candidates’ blurbs. Shame on Tucson Weekly.

  5. Miki: Why do you hate democracy so much?

  6. Miki obviously does not hate democracy. And the fact that a ‘democratic’ site like this could make such an angry accusation against someone with (God forbid) an opposing idea suggests that maybe it’s not all it claims to be.

    This kind stunt proves that ‘reality journalism’ is exactly like reality tv: far from the truth. In fact, I’m half convinced this is all a big joke, simply trying to prove to Arizona that its presidential standards are too lax. Otherwise, the only point is for these candidates to have their 5 minutes of fame.

    If this is all a big joke, then it is very well done. If not, then I doubt I will ever pick up a Tucson Weekly again.

  7. Miki and Kyle, publicity stunts perhaps but in aid
    of addressing important local issues. I believe politics close to home mean more than beltway politics. What avenues do little people with viable ideas have? One can write nonresponsive reps in the beltway til your ink runs dry. You can occasionally see your state or county officials in person, at a rally perhaps. County Supervisor Ray Carroll is the rare exception to the rule who actually responds to questions and concerns. . Do you really think the AZ presidential preference election holds sway nationwide? Methinks you have been wearing your underwear a tad too tight
    Sandy Whitehouse

  8. […] meeting a few basic requirements – at least in Arizona. Many of these candidates are sponsored by Project White House, started by Tucson […]

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