Col. Karl Krueger: The Announcement!

23 March 2007

Standing in front of a hydrogen fuel cell at the Mid American Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky, Colonel Karl Krueger of Sioux Falls, South Dakota announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States on the democratic ticket.

Krueger, a twice-commissioned Kentucky Colonel, decided the Mid American Truck Show was the most appropriate venue for his announcement because of his stand on making America energy independent by switching to alternative fuels. “Since 1973 the American people have been economically whipsawed by the oil producing countries and no one has be effected greater than America’s trucking industry”, said Krueger. Kentucky is also an oil producing state that has nearly depleted its oil reserves. Krueger said that the depletion of Kentucky’s reserves were a prelude to the depletion of reserves worldwide. Recognizing the most Americans will not want to go electric with the perceived lack of range and power. Krueger stated most truck drivers think differently once they learn that a electric truck could have 2000 horsepower plus and all wheel drive and get up to possibly 60 miles to a gallon of fuel. “ This is not new technology, the railroad has been using diesel over electric for over 40 years”, said Krueger, “ all we want to do is put regenerative units and batteries with high capacity capacitors on the units.

Krueger is of the opinion that most of the current worlds problems, Iraq, 911, Taliban, Chavez in Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and our present volatile economy are but symptoms of the big problem of being oil dependant on the Oil Producing Countries (OPEC) for our energy. In World War II we made it a strategic objective to stop the flow of oil to Japan and Germany. Why would we voluntarily make our selves vulnerable to the same strategic vulnerability?

“To set this country on a course to be energy independent in 10 years, should be an easy task, after all, John Kennedy set the moon as a goal in 10 years with technology that didn’t exist so we should be able to be energy independent with technology that does exist.” said Krueger.

Krueger recognizes that his chances of winning the Democratic primary campaign are slim. He is an unknown with little financial resources. Recognizing the big money of what he calls the CEO bunch, (Clinton, Edwards, and Obama) Krueger believes that somewhere the American people will see that candidates asking for and receiving bribes which are politely called campaign contributions, is not the right way to select the new CEO of the government of the United States. Krueger compared the United States citizen to a stockholder and the congress as the board of directors with the Senate being the executive board with the courts being the controllers. There are two factions of the board of directors that are in constant conflict for control. The last member of the board to be elected to the CEO position was John Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson was a Vice President and so was George HW Bush. Every President since Jimmy Carter was a governor. This indicates that most Americans are sending a very clear message that they would want someone from outside the infighting of the board we call the congress. Krueger has limited his contributions to $50 and said it will buy very little influence. That is why he said he would be, “nobodies President but yours”.

Krueger also emphasized that he had military experience where none of his fellow Democrats do. Commander in Chief is a large part of the job and should have someone at the helm that has some military experience. “It should not be required but should be a very large qualification for the job”, said Krueger.

Krueger was a 13-year veteran of the U. S. Army with experience in Europe, Southeast Asia and South and Central America.

For more information contact (608) 385-5075.


Col. Karl Krueger: No Bodies President But Yours!

I originally ran for President because I believed that the Presidential candidates would not put a great enough emphasis on the need for Alternative energy. If fact they have NOT. I also proposed the way to get of the Oil Addiction that is the cause of most of our and the worlds problems. At the end of this post is the press release for my announcement in Louisville Kentucky on 23 March 2007.

I still believe we have a tremendous need to stop our oil addiction but I have discovered a greater problem in our own country.


Give it a thought. If you have to have money to run for President then you have to have money in large amounts or you must get it from someone in large amounts. The only way to get money in large amounts is to ask for it with promises of something in return. THAT IS TAKING SEEKING AND ACCEPTING BRIBES!

The only job in the world you get by seeking and accepting bribes is political office! Then use the money to convince Americans that the promises they make to the contributors mean nothing and the candidate is going to represent you.

The media are coconspirators in this because they get the money.

The end result is that the candidates with money get $100 million a week free media and the better candidates (NONE BRIBE TAKERS) don’t get a phone call from the media.

If you doubt what I write here, just Google “parades July Iowa” and see what you get.

I have limited the contributions in my campaign to only $50 and I have made no promise or appeal to any one individual or group for money.