Doctress Neutopia: Eternal thanks from a CyberQueen

I thank everyone who voted for me in this presidential election. It was a pure joy to express my visions to you during the weeks of the campaign. I want you to know that my campaign to build a solar-powered arcology on Arizona State Trust Land is just beginning.

neutopiavote.jpgThanks to the Tucson Weekly’s Project White House, I’ve become alive! I will not stop moving forward in creating a new world view. The health of the ecology comes before corporate profit and the automobile culture that enslaves us. I will continue to post videos on my YouTube channel and write my blog about visions of the Neutopian presidency. Don’t think this is the end for the people who support the ideas that I hold dear. After all, I am a CyberQueen. The future is about building a global democracy in which the best citizens of the world are elected through a secure electronic voting system.

And if Jim, our hero in cyber democracy, will continue to keep this dark horse forum alive, I’ll be here!

Yours for Lovolution,

Doctress Neutopia


More about the global campaign:


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Greg Jalbert sent me this video today. It fits in perfectly with the Neuotpian presidential car-free city campaign. It’s time we build the world’s first arcology on Arizona State Trust Land! I’m looking for an Arizona constitutional, environmental lawyer who would like to join my campaign. We must challenge the AZ constitution that the Westcor developer’s plan to build a “Second Tucson” on AZ Trust Land is not the “highest and best” use of our common resource. Instead, we need to prove that the “highest and best use” of the land for generations to come is to build a model arcology.

If you this couragous, ethical lawyer who cares about the future, contact me:

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