Union Empowerment for Election 2008

Dear Union Member:

I am the Presidential Candidate that has a progressive vision for service and labor unions.

Many unions are opting to endorse either Clinton or Obama. But what do either of these candidates actually mean by saying they support unions ?

Is Clinton or Obama willing to have the government fund long term strike loans, or provide grants for union startups? Do they even suggest a union like the UAW get shareholder votes in corporations like GM to prevent offshoring ?

For that matter, just how do they propose to return Continue reading


Peace with Dignity and a Better Deal with OPEC

It seems for McCain, that any political solution for Iraq is raising a ‘White Flag’, Romney denies any time tables, and Clinton and Obama speak of, but are not specific of any plans. Let me make mine very clear. As a Presidential Candidate, I will give you the time table for Continue reading