Orion Karl Daley: The Voices of Our Nation

Dear Community Leaders:

As a Presidential Candidate for Election 2008, I am reaching out for community leaders across our nation to share this important message.

Most Americans have been raised with a consciousness of what makes us very special. We want to pride ourselves as being the kindest nation. Our Statue of Liberty has written on its tablet: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” by Emma Lazarus

As Americans we are also accustomed to a very most powerful and undauntable pride. This is for good reason. Americans no matter what race, creed, color, religion, or followings and beliefs, are for the most part, decent, fair and moral minded people.

As being the nation that represents the most diversity of cultures, can make Continue reading


Union Empowerment for Election 2008

Dear Union Member:

I am the Presidential Candidate that has a progressive vision for service and labor unions.

Many unions are opting to endorse either Clinton or Obama. But what do either of these candidates actually mean by saying they support unions ?

Is Clinton or Obama willing to have the government fund long term strike loans, or provide grants for union startups? Do they even suggest a union like the UAW get shareholder votes in corporations like GM to prevent offshoring ?

For that matter, just how do they propose to return Continue reading

Orion Karl Daley: Honored by Your Consideration

I want to thank the folks who believe and trust in my vision and plans for our nation. I am glad to see that 80 voters looked closely at what was offered. For these 80 voters and for more to come, please know that I am reregistering as an independent. I also ask you to reach me at http://unity2008.org with any questions or inquires. Please let me share a summary of some of my plans and visions for our nations tomorrow.

In Mann, what I found is that Obama and Clinton Supporters are quite responsive to something that is actually real. Those that were volunteers as an example over last weekend seemed replenished when handing them the Flyer, and in discussing responsible solutions. http://unity2008.org/book/FLYER.pdf

One example is Health Care. I pointed out that when the Dems propose more affordable health care, and the Repubs suggest more choices, that in being Continue reading

Peace with Dignity and a Better Deal with OPEC

It seems for McCain, that any political solution for Iraq is raising a ‘White Flag’, Romney denies any time tables, and Clinton and Obama speak of, but are not specific of any plans. Let me make mine very clear. As a Presidential Candidate, I will give you the time table for Continue reading

Orion Karl Daley: Re: Constitution: Response from Congress

Dear Friends:

Last night I got a letter from Congressman Nadler. In July, 2007, some of you helped in crafting a petition that many have signed, and still could use more signatures:

I wanted to share the letter with you, and to point out that the more signatures acquired will strengthen what Congress Nadler is doing for us as Americans to assure our Constitution.

You also might exercise yourown empowerment in writing your Congressional Representatives and Senators about this as well. They all have websites too, and this way you can start getting your money’s worth for what it costs us to have government ! Actually, I look forward to them Continue reading

Orion Karl Daley: Click to Get this Flyer!

Orion Karl Daley: Leave No Vet Behind from The New Deal

Summary: I remember too clearly the Vietnam War, and even the advent of the homeless which they represent as its core. Our nation will have a long road to its healing after Iraq. And if we cannot consider the older vets, then in our moral fortitude, where should we really start ? Where ever we start should bring dignity to all vets. Therefore I commit to the following in policy for caring about our vets and their families.

The Ferries Doctrine which prohibits families of service members suing the military for death or further injury resulting from treatment received by the military is to be brought to Congress to be revised. We cannot ask our military to serve the nation, and yet ignore incompetent care for their health by our government.

Veterans Services: will be further augmented in scope for the dignity and benefits of our veterans. This is to include but not be limited to Continue reading