Sean “CF” Murphy name-dropped in the first four-words of national election-watching guide

GOP Presidential Candidate and Project White House endorsement winner Sean “CF” Murphy was highlighted in the first three of four words of’s Election Watching Guide. Go over and check it out and be sure to click “recommend.”


Sean “CF” Murphy: Agent of Change!

Republican Sean “CF” Murphy clears up some confusion about his positions on abortion and immigration.

Sean “CF” Murphy Gets Hit!

A shadowy independent committee, Immigration Veterans for Life, has released an attack ad against Republican Sean “CF” Murphy!

Sean “CF” Murphy: Standing Firm!

With just about 12 hours to go before the polls open, Republican presidential candidate Sean “CF” Murphy has completed his listening tour and released a campaign ad taking a firm stand on two important issues: immigration and abortion.

Republican Sean “CF” Murphy: The Viral Presidency

Republican Sean “CF” Murphy makes a last desperate plea for votes from the YouTube audience!

Sean “CF” Murphy: “What I Don’t Know is Unimportant”

Sean “CF” Murphy’s address to the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club:

Hello Citizens, my name is Sean “CF” Murphy and I’m running for President of America on the Republican ticket. Before I begin I would like to take a moment and tell you what an honor it is for me to be able to address you today. Just by showing up on this chilly morning you’ve all demonstrated a deep, heartfelt commitment to keeping our country the greatest in the world, and in these days of terroristical threats, porous borders, and pregnant teenage pop stars that’s a rare commodity indeed.

Which brings me to my main point; I am not here today seeking your support out of some sort of belief that I have a god-given right to be President or through a sense of divine entitlement. Nor do I think I have the answers to the countless terrifying obstacles we face, both personally and nationally, on a daily basis. I am running in this election, and I’m running in it to win, because I possess a quality that I have yet to see in any of my opponents, Democrat or Republican; a character trait that has so far eluded everyone but me.

When faced with a tough question regarding a sensitive issue or policy matter I am not afraid to face the public eye-to-eye and admit “I don’t know.” When was the last time you heard a politician say that? Be honest.

The other candidates all want to be the first to tell you what they think is best for the country. To me that’s nothing but blind arrogance. What I don’t know is for now unimportant. What’s important is what you think. Before you jump to any conclusions let me tell you that having no idea where I stand is not a weakness, but a strength and is only half of what will make me a great President. The other half is you, fellow citizens.

In conjunction with my refreshing candor I also posses an unquenchable thirst for new ideas and have two open ears to hear them with. I stand before you man enough to tell you that I need help and I don’t want it from special interest groups, other politicians, big-oil barons or underground think-tanks but from people like you, and you, and you. People I might meet on the street, or at the carwash, the pharmacy or Continue reading

Sean “CF” Murphy: “Fight, Fight, Fight!”

As the primary approaches, it’s crunch time! GOP presidential candidate Sean “CF” Murphy has some advice for fellow Republicans Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and John McCain in a new ad up at the Project White House YouTube Channel. Giuliani, too, even though “CF” has proven he has more staying power than Rudy!