Sean “CF” Murphy: Suspending Campaign “For the Good of our Party, the Good of our Country and the Good of My Marriage!”


Doctress Neutopia: “I’m Staying In The Race!”

Peter “Simon” Bollander: Looking Ahead to 2012!

Charles Skelley: We Will Fight On!

9pm Results

As of 9pm tonight:

John McGrath leads the other Project White House Republicans with 318 votes. The Tucson Weekly endorsed candidate Sean “CF” Murphy trails with 188 votes.

Sandy Whitehouse leads the other Project White House Democrats with 357 votes. Tucson Weekly endorsed candidate Chuck See is trailing with 135 votes.

Hillary Clinton, or as Doctress Neutopia calls her, the “Corporate Whore,” is the projected winner.

Arizona kids don’t get Project White House … except for Sandy Whitehouse


Kids Voting USA reports that the early results of the Kids Voting project show Obama winning with 24,000 kids and Clinton in second with 18,500 votes.

Sandy Whitehouse, true to her bragging, is the only Project White House candidate with any kids’ votes: 908! That puts her in 7th place, just above John Edwards, who dropped out last week.

Project White House candidates were indeed on the ballot, with Peter “Simon” Bollander topping the ballot.

Sean “CF” Murphy name-dropped in the first four-words of national election-watching guide

GOP Presidential Candidate and Project White House endorsement winner Sean “CF” Murphy was highlighted in the first three of four words of’s Election Watching Guide. Go over and check it out and be sure to click “recommend.”