Chuck See

See a Better Future, Vote Chuck See

Chuck See, an engineer who works at the University of Arizona, says he launched his campaign “in an attempt to broaden the dialogue surrounding the issues. I believe that many important issues remain unspoken. The dominant parties have too much control over the political system, and we the people need to take our country back from them. I believe that it starts by people with independent ideas throwing their hat into the ring, but we will never have much success without election reform, so that is one of the critical issues on my plate.”
See adds: “We have the power to fix our world. Right now, we can put everyone to work doing meaningful tasks at a reasonable wage. We can grow enough food to feed everyone. We have the capital to build efficient machines and factories and adopt renewable resources. We can repair our laws. We can elevate our educational system. We can build a better world. But the time is short; the window is narrow. If this generation does not act, tomorrow will always be worst than today.”

One Response

  1. You’re right. But, how do you propose to do it. Nice ideas. I could state them. But, give us an action plan.

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