Col. Karl Krueger

No Bodies President But Yours!

Col. Karl E. Krueger of South Dakota says he got into the presidential race “because I see the dependence on oil as the cause of the war, bad economy and global warming, or at least pollution. When I said I would make this country energy independent, everyone laughed and said it couldn’t be done. Now, Bill Richardson says he will do it, and everyone believes it can be done. I am the only one who gives a real plan for doing it.”Krueger worries that “the office of president is up for the highest bidder. The large media with the cooperation of the political parties have created a large joke.” That dynamic works against him, because, as he explains, “You may have noticed that I am not a good-looking man. In the electronic age of visional media, we are voting more and more for the best-looking. Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t stand a chance today.”


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  1. Thanks for the support in AZ. Please notice that the leaders with big money did not participate.

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