Libby Hubbard (aka Doctress Neutopia)

Free the Slaves!

Libby Hubbard, who hosts the Lovolution Village show on Access Tucson under the name Doctress Neutopia, holds a doctorate in future studies with a focus on utopian thought and art from the University of Massachusetts School of Education.

Her agenda: “The Neutopian presidency is riding the wave of regime change by facing up to the radical changes humanity must make if we are to survive. The Gaia regime works as a co-creative team of the best and most virtuous individuals who have an important contribution to make to the world-saving mission of building ecological cities or arcologies.”

The Doctress adds: “The purpose of the Neutopian presidential team is to morph us into Buckminster Fuller’s vision of a World Management Committee who over see the formation of a resource-based ‘Earth Bank.’ The Earth Bank will be a worldwide, public, holographic database where all knowledge about our natural resources converges, so that we have equitably reorganized and fairly distribute our common wealth. The Neutopian presidential team uplifts humanity to a new stage in Lovolution (the globalization of love) by developing and implementing a plan to build a world where human rights and global justice are the keystones for constructing solar-powered arcologies.”


3 Responses

  1. Oh geeze

  2. Dear Doctress, hats off to you for a campaign well waged and hard fought. I extend my hand in sisterhood. As the leading contender on the democratic ticket, I want to offer you a place on my administration. The ambassadorships to Oz, Never-Never land and Utopia have been promised. But perhaps a cabinet position, Secretary of the Future If There Is Still One might be in order.
    Sandy Whitehouse

  3. Thanks, MS Whitehouse. Secretary of the Future would be a wonderful new cabinet position. Can you believe the current administration doesn’t have such a Cabinet now? How unwise of them!

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