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Michael Oatman is a local software engineer and host of the public-access TV program Illegal Knowledge, which explores “everything we should have known but haven’t been able to find out.” Oatman says he’s been planning to run for the presidency in 2008 ever since he was in grade school during the Reagan years, when he first did the math and realized he’d be old enough to legally seek the office this year. He nearly gave up his dream when he was unable to find 250 people who would each find 1,000 people willing to give his campaign $1,000 each. But when Project White House came along, “I said immediately, ‘OK, I said I was running, so now I’m definitely doing it if they’re just going to throw it in my face.’ And with that, here it is.”

Oatman has an extensive platform that includes health care for everyone, rebuilding the middle class and stopping the transition from a republic to an empire. He says that last bit wasn’t inspired by the Star Wars saga, although he applauds George Lucas’ work.


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  1. When Jim Nintzel asked me whether I was taking a page from Star Wars when I was talking about preventing the United States from becoming an empire, I replied, “actually, I was referring to Rome”.

    The Star Wars message is a decent one, but Lucas is just as much of a tool as any Hollywood producer.

    Also, I am still VERY intersted in finding people who are willing to work as major fundraisers. These people will be responsible for gathering as many as 1000 or as few as 250 contributors of $1000 per contributor. I have been coordinating this since March 2007. If you would like to sign up as a fundraiser, please email oatman@geocities.com for more information.

    All contributions should be made out to:

    PO BOX 304
    TUCSON, AZ 85702-0304

    Thak you for all that you do!
    Michael Oatman

  2. Dear Michael, can you put together a webpage for yourself. Expand on your platform, tell us what you would do and how?? Then you could fundraise, once people knew more about you. And, drop the starwars thing you have going there.

  3. Dude,
    You’re just as much of a freak today as you started to become in 11 grade. Get over yourself.

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