Peter Bollander

Let’s Do It! I’m Old School With a New Age Mind!

Peter Bollander boasts that he has more than 100 hours of on-camera television experience and an excellent speaking voice that can deliver heavy Jewish and Italian accents. He’s worked summer stock in Hawaii and has karate training. And he’s managed up to five people at any given time. His obvious qualifications for the White House aside, Bollander has some big ideas. Here’s one: The “Uncle Sam Sweepstakes.” Bollander proposes that lottery tickets be sold across the globe, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to the winners and 90 percent being locked in a trust fund. In just a few decades, we’d have a couple of trillion dollars to solve the nation’s financial problems–all financed by Third World residents who dream of a better life and are really bad at math.


6 Responses

  1. […] Peter “Simon”  Bollander feels like his campaign has been overshadowed by Hillary and Obama. […]

  2. This is a comic-relief. I love it. A lottery!! Oh gosh, could we do it?????

  3. Mr. Bollander! Go for it!!!!

  4. If I was annointed god of the internet.A voice from above said, Peter Simin Bollander you are officially appointed God of the Internet. I want you to sketch That perfect male journalist For our modern day society of America.Well I would think that Ivory league type face. Short brown hair with a part.A round type face that shows no fear. Glasses a must. Passive in nature & deep in intellect.Very well liked amongst his peers. My god we have a match! Its the editor/jounalist of The Tucson Weekly. His name is Jim Nintzel. This guy can wrie. He has the skills To express himself with the proper use of our English language. He can create excitement or bring one to tears, with the proper use of words Now why this Jim Nintzel is special. Is because he is creative. He created the Project Whitehouse. He took 3rd place nationally for press awards. He also placed in The Arizona Press awards. This guy needs to be rcegnized as the National Jouralist of The Year.I Will Put my God hand of approval on this man of printed words.

  5. Bollander: who has arisen fron the ashes of the political world, has formed the high tech Presidents Club. We are a booming success.Peter Bollander owes it all to Jim Ninztel chief editor of The Tucson Weekly. Bollander would like to see this great journalist to be the journalist of the year.

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