Philip Vaughn Tanner

It’s About Change

Philip Vaughn Tanner was a late entry into the Project White House sweepstakes, but he’s determined to make up for lost time–and break new political ground while he’s at it. On his new MySpace page, Tanner announced:

My name is Philip Vaughn Tanner and I have declared my candidacy for President of the United States. I was raised by hardworking, lower-middle class parents in the town of Albion, PA. My first major job followed the footsteps of my father, as a railroad clerk. In 1989, I graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in Advertising. In 2002, I earned an A.A.S. in Nursing from Santa Fe Community College where I became a registered nurse.

I have decided that since the 2008 Presidential contest really is “All About Change”. Many barriers have been broken with having the first serious female contender, the first black candidate and the first Mormon candidate My candidacy offers another groundbreaking precedent: I present myself as the nation’s first openly gay man to declare his candidacy as President of the United States!

I know that this will likely be a great risk for me, and I could possibly encounter some prejudices that could even jeopardize my employment, but I want to offer my voice as part of the solutions to our nation’s problems and be a part of helping people come together to help America repair the damage inflicted by the current administration. The fact that I am a single, gay white man is only a small part of who I am, but I sincerely believe that conquering stereotypes must begin by being brave.

I am employed in the health care industry as a Registered Nurse. I have seen first-hand, the ravages of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and smoking-caused lung disease. I have learned that a major contributor to our nation’s health care costs are a direct result of these major diseases. Speaking as a health care educator I believe that education can help contribute to easing the burdens on our nation’s health care costs by teaching people how to reduce their risk.

As a gay man, I have noticed that AIDS education has worked to reduce the spread of AIDS within our community. Sadly, with our younger people the rates of transmission have increased over 20% among young adults aged 18 to 25. It has been proven that past efforts of education have helped tremendously to reduce the spread of this devastating disease. I believe that federally sponsored educational programs targeted to at risk groups will help reduce the spread of AIDS.

Likewise, educational programs can reduce the spread of another major problem such as out of control methamphetamine abuse. Federally sponsored educational programs that go beyond Nancy’s “Just Say No” campaign will reduce this catastrophic social pandemic.

Finding a cure or prevention of obesity-related Type II diabetes is a priority. Diabetes related blindness, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, amputations, and kidney failure would not only eliminate or reduce human suffering, it would ultimately reduce healthcare costs by untold billions. It would be safe to say that elimination of this one disease would likely save Medicare and reduce health care costs (and insurance premiums).

Along with many other candidates for President of the United States, I support health care for all Americans. Finding a bipartisian solution to funding healthcare for all Americans will be my number one priority. Hillary tried as first lady back in 1993, but was lambasted by partisian interests that made it impossible. I support John Edward’s idea that lobbyists must no longer be welcome in the White House and in my administration I will enforce that policy. The elimination of lobbyists will be the first step in finding solutions to our nations healthcare and social security problems.

Another hotbed issue facing American’s is our problem with our addiction to foreign oil. We have early technologies that if properly funded and fostered can eliminate most of our dependence on foreign oil.

I support government funding and/or tax incentives that will encourage our nation’s automobile manufacturer’s to eventually eliminate the use of petroleum based fuels. Advances in hydrogen and electrically powered vehicles could achieve this goal by 2025.

I envision that the Eisenhower Administration’s interstate highway project that built America’s infrastructure and ultimate dependence on the automobile must be augmented with high speed “bullit trains”. They will be linked with light rail, monorails, and well serving bus, train, and subway systems that will transform America. Gone willl be the addiction to foreign oil and we will be blessed with a greener technology that will have the fringe benefit of lessening the carbon dioxide problem that is contributing to global warming. This will also ease our conflict over the dwindling supplies of foreign oil that will lessen America’s need to go to war over this resource.

As a gay man, I have experienced first hand the tragedy of living in a society that will not recognize same-sex relationships. I have lost around 60 friends and peers along with a lifelong partner to the ravages of AIDS. I have long dreamed that a society that allows and celebrates relationships would promote monogamy would help solve the problem of AIDS.

I almost came to believe that Mike Huckabee might even be a nice, fresh face that might be an asset to this country until I heard about his record of spreading false information and feeding the fear back in 1992 that “carriers of AIDS should be quarantined.” I knew back then, as our Surgeon General tried to say since 1985, that AIDS cannot be spread casually and that the solution is education, and to promote monogamy. That is why, speaking as a healthcare educator and as a candidate for President of the United States, I support same sex marriage.

I know I have taken only a very small step only running in the State of Arizona. as I could not afford to spend four years campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. I believe that I would not have been well received as a gay man running for in those tiny states. My purpose is to open one of the last closet doors for other gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and trangendered people and demonstrate to the nation that gay men really do care about the rest of the planet we ride on. That is why I offer my candidacy for President of the United States. It is “All About Change…”


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  1. Jason, Dan and I agree wholeheartedly.

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