Tish Haymer

Love Bomb’ Em Into the Stone Age!

Tish Haymer has a bit of a home-field advantage with Project White House, seeing as she’s worked for the Tucson Weekly for years. However, she’ll have to compete just as hard as everyone else to win the coveted Weekly endorsement! Haymer has worked in almost every department within Territorial Newspapers (the Weekly‘s parent operation), and recently served as the Weekly‘s listings goddess for about a year.


2 Responses

  1. How are voters to make an educated decision to vote for Tish when this one paragraph blurb is all we have to find out what she stands for? I will admit, voting for someone from Arizona appeals to me, but I can’t honestly vote for Tish when I can’t find any information about where she stands on the issues.

  2. good point Kristina,
    I am voting for Leland Montell!

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