William Campbell

The Green Democrat

Tucsonan William Campbell was born March 1949, in Munising, Michigan, and has lived in the United States.

He writes:

My platform is simple: global warming and consumption of the earth’s resources is occurring at a rate greater than the earth is capable of replenishing itself. There are predictions that by 2050 humans will be consuming the earth’s resources twice as fast as it is able to replenish itself and convert waste materials. By 2050 with the earth’s consumption rate unchanged is predicted that there will be a catastrophic environmental event, and since this is uncharted environmental grounds, what exactly is meant by a catastrophic environmental event remains to be seen. My platform is designed to prevent Americans from experiencing that catastrophic environmental event.

Globalization of manufacturing contributes significantly to the carbon emissions that lend to global warming, due to the immense distances required to transport goods. Container ships that burn bunker fuel, train engines, and diesel trucks spew forth huge amounts of carbon throughout the thousands of miles required to transport goods to market. Taxing global corporations by the mile goods are transported will provide funding to reduce the American budget deficit and perhaps make it more appealing for corporations to manufacture closer to their markets, also bringing jobs back to the United States.

Federal support of hydrogen and electric powered vehicle development will move the process forward at a faster pace, more quickly divorcing the United States from petroleum powered vehicles.

Coal-fired power generation is another business that spews forth huge amounts of pollution. Fines for continued use of coal and tax breaks for conversion to nuclear, wind and solar power generation may encourage power generators to divorce themselves from coal.

Finally, the Iraqi government will have to assume the responsibilities required of it through agreement over a two-year United States pull out. During the pullout time, Iraq will place its police and soldiers on the front lines, keeping the United States troops back as reactionary forces and advisers.


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  2. where do you work?

  3. I am a full time doctoral student and work full time for AAA Medical Transportation.

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