Charles Skelley: A beginning, not an end

This Presidential preference campaign has been exciting, and I want to commend editor Jim Nintzel for his efforts to help all of the Project White House candidates. I also want to thank the people of Arizona who voted for me.

My own campaign has emphasized “change for the better” and also “conservatively trying to keep the US from self-destructing”. If a society does not learn from the past — it follows that when such a society is heading downhill, there are many impulses to continue doing the things that are self-destructive.

For example, since 1971, the US Federal Government has been following president Nixon’s statement, “We are all Keynesians now.” But Keynesian economics is essentially a price-supporting tool, not a method of stimulating the productive part of a nation’s economy. Keynesian economics tends to make the long-term outlook much worse, in exchange for a very small benefit in the present time. By contrast, Adam Smith’s economics is the proper and effective method to use when trying to stimulate a nation’s economy, and Smithian economics was used successfully in the US from 1776 to 1971.

Eventually the Federal Government will either drop Keynesian economics, and switch back to Adam Smith’s economic principles — or the US will soon collapse under a mountain of debt, and a shortage of Productive activity.

My campaign has been trying to teach the general public, including the media, that the US needs to have its political candidates declare that they intend to follow Adam Smith’s economic principles. I have been showing examples of where and how Adam Smith’s principles can be applied.

It would not be proper for me to concede on these campaign principles.

On another topic, I want to draw attention to a very positive trend in Republican politics this year on the national level. A Republican candidate with a comparatively small budget, and none of the traditional Republican spin-strategists, is gathering big percentages of the Republican primary votes in several states. That candidate is Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas.

Due to the “favorite son” phenomenon of John McCain in Arizona, Huckabee did not draw a large percentage of Republican votes in Arizona. But let’s not be misled by our local Arizona situation for Huckabee (opposing a favorite son candidate). A big change appears to be taking place in Republican politics at the national level, where modest funding can produce big results. For future encores of Project White House, I feel it would be beneficial to partially imitate this year’s campaign of Mike Huckabee. By that I mean starting substantially earlier before the preference election, obtaining small amounts of public and/or private funding for Project White House from activist organizations, and making more public appearances.

This year’s campaign has been a beginning – a constructive beginning. The future can be even better.


Orion Karl Daley: Honored by Your Consideration

I want to thank the folks who believe and trust in my vision and plans for our nation. I am glad to see that 80 voters looked closely at what was offered. For these 80 voters and for more to come, please know that I am reregistering as an independent. I also ask you to reach me at with any questions or inquires. Please let me share a summary of some of my plans and visions for our nations tomorrow.

In Mann, what I found is that Obama and Clinton Supporters are quite responsive to something that is actually real. Those that were volunteers as an example over last weekend seemed replenished when handing them the Flyer, and in discussing responsible solutions.

One example is Health Care. I pointed out that when the Dems propose more affordable health care, and the Repubs suggest more choices, that in being Continue reading

Sandy Whitehouse Beats Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel!

With results nearly complete, it appears that Project White House candidate Sandy Whitehouse defeated former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel in yesterday’s Arizona presidential primary.

sandywhitehouse.jpgAs of 9 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, Whitehouse had 554 votes to Gravel’s 273.

Project White House candidate Richard Grayson also outpolled Gravel, landing 287 votes.

Gravel was the only so-called “mainstream candidate” who took an interest in Project White House after Senior Campaign Manager Jim Nintzel sent an final invite in December to every candidate who made the ballot.

In a brief conversation, a member of Gravel’s campaign expressed concern that the Project White House candidates were too “low-tier” for Gravel to associate himself with.

The tally as it stands with a small percentage of votes left to be counted:


John McGrath: 426

Frank McEnulty: 281

Sean “CF” Murphy: 223

James Mitchell: 162

David Ruben: 95

Michael Shaw: 57

Bob Forthan: 66

Charles Skelley: 44

Rick Outzen: 44

Rhett Smith: 37

Sandy Whitehouse: 554

Edward Dobson: 338

Richard Grayson: 287

Karl Krueger: 253

Frank Lynch: 224

William Campbell: 215

Chuck See: 209

Doctress Neutopia (aka Libby Hubbard): 174

Michael Oatman: 167 Rich Lee: 148

Peter “Simon” Bollander: 136

Tish Haymer: 95

Orion Karl Daley: 80

Leland Montell: 79

Doctress Neutopia: Eternal thanks from a CyberQueen

I thank everyone who voted for me in this presidential election. It was a pure joy to express my visions to you during the weeks of the campaign. I want you to know that my campaign to build a solar-powered arcology on Arizona State Trust Land is just beginning.

neutopiavote.jpgThanks to the Tucson Weekly’s Project White House, I’ve become alive! I will not stop moving forward in creating a new world view. The health of the ecology comes before corporate profit and the automobile culture that enslaves us. I will continue to post videos on my YouTube channel and write my blog about visions of the Neutopian presidency. Don’t think this is the end for the people who support the ideas that I hold dear. After all, I am a CyberQueen. The future is about building a global democracy in which the best citizens of the world are elected through a secure electronic voting system.

And if Jim, our hero in cyber democracy, will continue to keep this dark horse forum alive, I’ll be here!

Yours for Lovolution,

Doctress Neutopia


More about the global campaign:

9pm Results

As of 9pm tonight:

John McGrath leads the other Project White House Republicans with 318 votes. The Tucson Weekly endorsed candidate Sean “CF” Murphy trails with 188 votes.

Sandy Whitehouse leads the other Project White House Democrats with 357 votes. Tucson Weekly endorsed candidate Chuck See is trailing with 135 votes.

Hillary Clinton, or as Doctress Neutopia calls her, the “Corporate Whore,” is the projected winner.

Arizona kids don’t get Project White House … except for Sandy Whitehouse


Kids Voting USA reports that the early results of the Kids Voting project show Obama winning with 24,000 kids and Clinton in second with 18,500 votes.

Sandy Whitehouse, true to her bragging, is the only Project White House candidate with any kids’ votes: 908! That puts her in 7th place, just above John Edwards, who dropped out last week.

Project White House candidates were indeed on the ballot, with Peter “Simon” Bollander topping the ballot.

Sean “CF” Murphy name-dropped in the first four-words of national election-watching guide

GOP Presidential Candidate and Project White House endorsement winner Sean “CF” Murphy was highlighted in the first three of four words of’s Election Watching Guide. Go over and check it out and be sure to click “recommend.”