James Creighton Mitchell Jr.


Mr. Mitchell Goes to Washington

James Creighton Mitchell Jr. of Illinois tops the GOP ballot in Arizona because he won the secretary of state’s random drawing.

He writes:

The theme of my campaign is “Back to Basics” working together to renew our commitment to our Constitutional Republic.The bookends and backbone of my platform are the Ten Commandments and a strong military. One might liken this supporting frame, to the keel of a ship. The ribs or bulkheads which strengthen and support our ship of state in order of importance are: family values, education, health, science, environment, finance, commerce, community involvement and homeland security.

I decided to run for President in 2008 because I believe my generation of WWII babies needs to provide a better legacy for our children and the future for our grand children.

Political and business corruption has proliferated since the end of the Viet Nam War. Confidence and respect for America has been greatly diminished throughout the World. Third World countries have suffered horribly. American families and their values have come under relentless attack. Truth – in media; in politics; in corporate America; in financial markets; in governmental agencies; in personal relationships; is in short supply. A daunting question, “Who can you believe?” should not be the exception.

With my candidacy, I believe I can set the national debate for a higher standard for:

truth and honesty in government service

confidence in self-reliance and personal responsibility

greater integrity from unscrupulous corporate America

improving the world image of United States of America.

I believe Congress, in exchange for perks and campaign donations, has ruined families and small communities with changes in tax laws that permitted corporations to migrate out of continental US for profit purposes at the expense of its employees. As a consequence, the financial solvency of the Social Security System has been damaged beyond repair.

I believe the new course for America needs to place more emphasis on the relationship of corporate America with its employees than with “golden parachutes” for unscrupulous corporate managers, directors and bottom line speculators.

I believe Congress has allowed the National Debt to spiral out of control with no successful plan to curtail and reduce its magnitude.

I believe Congress has failed to fully and completely execute its authority granted by Article I Section 8 of the Constitution.

Several examples:

  • to reduce the National Debt
  • to repel the invasion of illegal aliens and enact the necessary rules for Naturalization
  • to plan or provide for timely and complete recovery for response to natural disasters
  • to define and punish Offenses against the law of Nations
  • to stop the flow of narcotics from Afghanistan and other countries

Congress is currently engaged in a dangerous soap opera, of the worst magnitude, about troop withdrawal or troop surge in Iraq, for the wrong reasons. I believe they are addressing the wrong issues to obscure the public view of the underlying causes.

I believe the necessary debate should be:

  • “Is The United States of America engaged in a cultural/religious World wide War, pitting the value structure of written and spoken Islam as interpreted by radical Islamic factions against the values of our Judeo-Christian heritage and the Constitutional Republic we Americans enjoy, peacefully and successfully? If so, what should we do about it?
  • Is this World tragedy compounded because moderate believers of Islam have not healed their internal split and silenced their own radical elements? What should they do about it, and, how soon? If moderate Islam does not eliminate the ongoing sectarian hostility, what should we do about it?
  • What actions should Congress take against those – countries and individuals who finance these hostilities; the international banks that store these finances; and, those countries that continue the shipment of weapons of mass destruction to countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and other third World hot spots?
  • How much have our various treaties like NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, FTAA and the World Bank, contributed to this world wide unrest? What leadership should America provide to restore stability and credibility in the World –financial, military and diplomatic?”

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