Rick Outzen


It Ain’t Rocket Science!

Rick Outzen, publisher of the Independent News of Pensacola, Fla., is so enthusiastic about his campaign that he put himself on the cover of his own newspaper.

From the article:

After months of searching for a state that would let him on its presidential primary ballot, Rick Outzen has finally and officially announced that he is a candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. He will file papers to be placed on the Republican presidential primary ballot in Arizona that is scheduled for Feb. 5.

Arizona has few requirements to qualify for its presidential primary. But candidates do have to meet the constitutional requirements of being at least 35 years old, born in the United States and they must have been a resident in the United States for at least 14 years.

A notarized nomination paper must be filed not less than 50 days nor more than 70 days before the presidential preference election with the Arizona Secretary of State.

“I am running for president of the United States,” Outzen said during his weekly radio program “IN Your Head Radio” Wednesday afternoon, drawing applause, cheers and a few jeers from people who know him.

“I’m going to give this campaign all that I have to give, and I hope that you’ll join me,” Outzen wrote on his blog, ricksblog.biz. “Our country needs us to win next year, and I’m ready to lead that effort.”

Outzen, at least 50, who has had a multifaceted career as a publisher, blogger, radio and television host, post hole digger and city councilman of Gulf Breeze is angling for a conservative base that has yet to coalesce around a favorite.

“People think Fred Thompson is lazy and talks slow,” Outzen says on his radio show. “I will show the voters what lazy and slow really are.

“People think Ron Paul is crazy and unbalanced. Well, I invented crazy and unbalanced.”

His decision to run was widely expected, after he formed an exploratory committee in early November at The Global Grill to help pay his bar tab.

But political pundits say Outzen may have little chance of rocking the apple cart by entering the race months after his GOP rivals.

The other candidates will have already been in primaries and caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida before Arizona’s Feb. 5 primary comes along.

But Outzen dismisses suggestions that he took too long to make a decision.

“I don’t think people are going to say, ‘You know, that guy would make a very good president, but he just didn’t get in soon enough,'” Outzen tells his radio listeners. “If you can’t get your message out in a couple months, you’re probably not ever going to get it out.”

In the article, he declared: “People think Fred Thompson is lazy and talks slow. I will show the voters what lazy and slow really are. People think Ron Paul is crazy and unbalanced. Well, I invented crazy and unbalanced.”

Here’s one campaign pledge: Outzen will secure the borders “by annexing Mexico and Canada. We will draw our new borders on the map with extra thick markers so that people will know we mean business.”


One Response

  1. Report From INDAILY at http://www.inweekly.net:

    It appears Independent New Publisher Rick Outzen will not earn the coveted Tucson Weekly readers’ endorsement for his presidential bid in Arizona.

    However, the Tucson Weekly reports an electronic voting glitch that caused the software tabulating votes in the Tucson Weekly Readers Endorsement race to close an hour ahead of schedule.

    The so-called DST Bug, which evidently failed to account for Arizona’s refusal to participate in Daylight Savings Time, shut down voting at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning instead of noon.

    This caused Outzen the loss of at least four votes when he pleaded with the “Outzen women” to finally cast their votes for him in an effort to win the first round of voting for the Republican endorsement.

    But TW’s Project White House headquarters reports: “The precise impact is unknown, but millions of voters nationwide may have been disenfranchised by the malfunction.”

    Nonetheless, the last time Outzen presidential headquarters checked, Outzen trailed Tucson Republican Chuck Skelley 55.6 percent to 44.4 percent. The day before polls closed Outzen trailed 67 percent to 33 percent, so was coming on strong.

    Apparently, Outzen’s promise that he was more slow and lazy than Fred Thompson and crazier and more unbalanced than Ron Paul, other Republican presidential candidates, didn’t fly. Neither did his campaign promise to draw the U.S. borders with extra thick markers on new maps to show America is serious about immigration.

    Still, Outzen remained upbeat, saying: “I didn’t want those Left Wing TW nuts’ votes anyway. I’m still on the Arizona ballot and I still intend to win.”


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