The Democratic candidates, as they appear on Arizona’s Feb. 5 presidential primary.

Sandy Whitehouse
Bill Richardson
Frank Lynch
Karl Krueger
Barack Obama
John Edwards
Peter “Simon” Bollander
Leland Montell
Chuck See
Libby Hubbard
Loti Gest
Orion Daley
William Campbell
Philip Tanner
Dennis J. Kucinich
Hillary Clinton
Edward Dobson
Tish Haymer
Rich Lee
Michael Oatman
Mike Gravel
Evelyn L. Vitullo
Christopher J. Dodd
Richard Grayson


One Response

  1. Thanks to the Weekly for pointing out the ridiculous structure of the Arizona primary election. I decided to run on my own, basically to see if I could. And yes, I got my name on the ballot.
    So did many others who are just going to confuse the voters. As the Weekly let us know, it was a simple process with little or no financial investment- the cost of a stamp, maybe a notary, unless you have a friend who’ll do it for free. All of us received a priority mail letter- $17.46 cost- to let us know our official position on the ballot from the Election committee. It was possible, possibly going through you-tube to have had 100,00 names on our ballot. That would have cost $1.7 million. Our Secretary of State should take this as a wake-up call to have some perameters in place, and possibly some investment required from the candidates. I am reminded of Stephen Colbert trying unsuccessfully to get on the ballot in his home state. After paying a filing fee of $1500, they would not let him run because he didn’t appear serious and would only make a mockery of the election. Look at the potential in Arizona to be able to do just that.

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