Frank Lynch

Another latecomer to Project White House, Frank Lynch has declared himself “the only candidate with bold new ideas to make this the most exciting time to be an American!”

From his campaign Web site:

Frank Lynch is the only futurist among the Presidential candidates. As a futurist, he sees that our democracy, our government, and the institutions that support our civilization are broken. America is at the tipping point, and our survival as an independent nation is in danger. Unless we use our wonderful American capacity to reinvent ourselves, as we did in the time of Abraham Lincoln, then before Hillary finishes her second term, we will be reduced to an agricultural outpost of China, hopelessly in debt to our new dictator/masters.


We love America as the Best Nation the world has ever seen, but she is temporarily ill. We must cure her by reinventing education, healthcare, energy, healing the planet, and national security. Because of her illness, the number of citizens studying math, science & engineering has been declining every year since 1990, with the result that we import doctors and nurses from third world nations, and our technical products such as 100% of our laptops, TVs, iPods, and even the wings and tail for Boeing’s new Dreamliner jet must be made in China. Corporations send their research to China and India. Do you understand that we are already unable to sustain our civilization? The Presidential candidates do not understand this.


Frank understands that his chances of becoming President are a long shot. Irrelevant! This campaign is not about ego or ambition as it may be for some other candidates. The entire point of his campaign is charitable, just as Frank’s other websites, and (both named after his late father Frank W. Lynch) are charitable. Frank only wishes to do good works for our American people. The purpose of this campaign is to spread the ideas of the Top Ten List so that we wonderful Americans can reinvent our nation. If we reinvent ourselves quickly enough, there is a chance that we might survive as more than peasants supplying food to China.


Instead of mindless partisan campaign baloney and bickering, Frank offers ten concepts, ten actual ideas and plans, to the American people. Concentrate not on whether these ideas are Liberal or Conservative, because those are obsolete terms from the dead 20th century, but on how these ideas may lift up every person in our Nation.


The Top Ten List has the power, if they are all implemented together, to transform America and change the daily life of every person. Every one of his rivals have already poached ideas from his websites. It is a fact that in each successive Democratic debate, his rivals poach more and more of the Ten List. See Victory. If you take out the ideas that they poached from Frank’s websites, all that remains in the platforms of all the other candidates are rehashed and warmed over baloney from Jimmy Carter’s platform in 1976. Talk about obsolete dinosaurs!


Frank is a Futurist, a green, a populist, a reformer and an anti-globalizationist, but not a politician. Frank is these things because Frank stands on the shoulders of giants, and invites all of you to stand on his shoulders to lift every person in America higher than any mere do-nothing Senator or Congressman ever dreamed.


Join Frank to transform and uplift every person in America with full equality, using exactly the same four tools as Abraham Lincoln: preserve the United States’ security when our very survival is threatened; bring true equality to every person; re-invent education to teach useful things; and use the Abraham Lincoln 47% tax on imports, combined with useful, patriotic education, to create the greatest scientific, economic and jobs boom in history. Come dare to dream with Frank, and see for yourself how much greater America can be:


3 Responses

  1. There is a typo error here. The website for Frank Lynch University lost the “l” when my campaign website had problem for a day. It should be

    The new University is dedicated to curing our catstrophic, nation destroying shortage of 3,000,000 medical, math, science and engineering teachers.

    Did you know that the number of our citizens studying math, science and engineering has declined every year since 1990?

    That is one of the resons why our corporations are sendig their advanced research to a country which states publicly in its native language newspapers every day that its mission is to destroy America.

  2. This is an idea man, with right-minded thinking and common sense (which isn’t so common, am I right?). More new ideas than any of the establishment candidates. I love that he is offering up his ideas to the establishment candidates, so that they can consider them and run with them. Wanna bet they plagarize him?
    Much as I love the idea of import taxes, our universities teaching useful courses that will produce an economic engine instead of philosophers, I don’t think the politicians have the courage to speak of these important matters.
    We need a cadre of thinkers in Washington who can influence policy. A sort of “Council of the Elders”. Let’s put people like Frank on that!

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