Sandy Whitehouse

Whitehouse in the White House 08

Sandy WhitehouseSandy Whitehouse of Vail won the lottery in the random drawing to determine the order of names on the ballot. Her name is the first one that Democratic voters will see, giving her a big advantage over the other Project White House contestants.

Whitehouse tells us her last name is her best qualification. Her platform:

Using the same method the current administration does for budget calculations, I estimate that by consolidating the president’s name with the president’s address for the next eight years, we can save enough money on letterheads, invitations and greeting cards to fully fund quality education for all the children in our country; provide excellent health care for our citizens young and old; devise a guest-worker program that will ensure both secure borders and an adequate workforce for our farms and factories; put our scientists to work with fully funded grants and loans to devise methods to stop global warming; and give our firefighters the resources they need to save our forests from wildfires, instead of using taxpayer money to building logging roads. … The only other minor budget adjustment necessary will be to discontinue the current spending spree for atomic weapons, hydrogen weapons, depleted uranium weaponry, germ warfare, chemical warfare, star wars, war profiteers, big sticks, etc., etc., etc.


6 Responses

  1. Thats terrific! Then, those who need the help for health care will receive it, and our international travelers will be able to come here and make some kind of living for themselves and their families. I like it!

  2. This is certainly a platform I can get behind!!!

  3. I have no words…..

  4. You go, girl!

  5. Today is the big day. I want to thank my supporters for voting for me on the Readers’ endorsement. Sadly the Nebraska Wesleyan football team, the Gelsenkirchen Fire Brigate and the ex-pats of Phu Kat Thailand were excluded from the poll by either a simple trick of fate or a giant right wing conspiracy. The Tucson Weekly chose to support Candidate Chuck See–but we shall ‘see’ what happens today, my friends. I want to thank those of you proudly displayed my bumper stickers and for the love and support of my family and friends. And until we regain the White House in November, LET’S GO DEMS!!!

  6. To my supporters, I thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and your vote. Had the Whitehouse war chest expanded beyong its 41 cent high, I could have purchased some TV spots during the Super Bowl or sent out some glossy brochures. I apparently didn’t need them as my position as number 3 in the AZ Kids Vote puts me in the perfect position for which my political strategists aimed. With Obama and Hillary fighting it out I am in the cat bird’s seat as the reconciliation candidate. Arizona adults’ vote put me in 6th place–adults being less perceptive than Arizona’s Kids–but with Edwards, Richardson and Kucinich out of the picture, I still retain my strategic 3rd place position and plan to reclaim my leading candidacy. With the love of my family and friends I will soldier on to the Convention in Denver. Mr. Gravel may shoot if he will at my old gray (Dead) head, but we see who is low-tier now. The Tucson Weekly endorsement counted for nought after all, dear readers, as I said, we shall “See” and we have. Whitehouse/Obama or Whitehouse/Clinton sound just fine to me. Actually “Obama/Whitehouse in the White House-08” or Clinton/Whitehouse in the White House-08 have appeal as well.

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