Peter Simon Bollander: “We Demand An Equal Voice!”

Peter “Simon” Bollander feels like his campaign has been overshadowed by Hillary and Obama.


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  1. god of the Internet: At project Whitehouse in our Presidental Televised debates. I was asked a question about visitation from other planets.
    I do believe beyond a reasonable doubt. That the human race & other beings, on other planets. Are a experiment. We have been placed here, & being watched by our Maker. We will call him or her God. This God, is a culture. Who has perfected itself in all ways & manner. This god, is invisable. For they made that so. The UFO! I believe is somewhat of a advanced flying machine.This machine, when seen by the thousands. Its like a beam of light, then dissapears.
    I do believe that we are in a game with other planatery beings. As to! who reaches Godhead first.
    For instance, a little while ago a flying machine crashed in Roswell New Mexico. I believe” this case, was from beings from another planet. The same as us, but Im not sure how advanced they are. They may be as advanced as us. I would quess there are at least a hundred planets with life forces similar to ours. They all are competing for Godhead. When the culture reaches the highest of perfection. That is mastering, all in the infrastructure. In which includes, to making itself invisible. We must include this Advanced Flying machine(UFO)in achievmants. Then we reach Godhead. Then we as Godhead! put lifeforms throughout the solar system.We now become the watchdog, of our creations. We must realize this process has no end, nor a beginning. Its infinite. In human terms its a game. In Gods terms its a life cycle. This goes on & on & on. Remember we as humans, can be great as God. But we must win this game, & forge ahead in the Scientific field.We formed the President club:
    This club. Its members are all scietists who ran for the Office of the Presidency, of The United States. Our moto: is,” we are a high tech miracle. I feel we are catalytic in form. To help our human kind,to get there.
    Now I will finish with The world wide Internet. This vehicle, is the greatest of great in the world of communication. Its a form of invisable electronics, that truly serves the human race. It develops communication, then stores information like a invisable library. Our biggest challenges right now! is to get clean alternative fuels in place. Get rid of contaminating fuels.Then to power ahead, to perfect all areas in our infrastucture. I due believe the best! Godly fuel power, will come from magnetic pull. Remember We as humans on Earth are going to win this contest.

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